Best moving blankets for soundproofing buying guide

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Coincidentally, my house is on the side of the road, we are bearing the brunt of it, whatever noise is there, it will definitely reach our ears, I was very worried about it, being an architect, I then thought of soundproofing my house and today I am protected from outside noise. Now let’s talk about how I made my house soundproof.

Moving blankets reduce noise entering or leaving the room by about 35% to 50%. They are cheap and easy to install. Blankets block noise through their outer layer, so the outer layer is made of special soundproofing material.

You can use the best moving blankets for soundproofing in your home, in this you will not need to work much and you can get these sound-absorbing panels.

You can layer the moving blanket, so that the air cannot enter, after layering the blanket, its sound-absorbing capacity can be increased. Its lightweight layer prevents and reduces noise from entering. The moving blanket almost nullifies incoming noise.

are moving blankets good for soundproofing

In some situations, moving blankets can be a good alternative to soundproofing. Moving blankets are padded and thick, which reduces the amount of noise passing through them by absorbing sound waves. However, you cannot compare it with insulation or soundproof panels.

If you are looking for an affordable and quick solution to reduce noise, your moving blankets may be a good option. However, if you want to reduce noise completely we would recommend that you use more specialized soundproofing materials.

What Are Moving Blankets?

First of all, you need to know what is a moving blanket, a moving blanket refers to a cloth wrapped around weak and delicate objects. This cloth is thick and made of good material, which is why it is called a blanket. These are also called pads or furniture pads. You can use them to avoid damaging any of your vulnerable items.

Soundproof blankets are different types of blankets, they are used only for soundproofing, they are Made from special layers of dense material that trap outside noise and eliminate noise.

Most often they are made of polyester, mineral wool, woven cotton, and vinyl or fibreglass. These materials are known to be very good for soundproofing. In particular, these blankets block most of the air that tries to pass through the fibres and max-moving blankets block their transmission.

Nowadays I did not think that any blanket can completely soundproof the house or any corner of the house. We cannot block out sound 100%, but we can reduce outside noise for us, which will reduce our annoyance.

It is easiest to do soundproofing with a blanket, that’s why we can use it well for a particular thing. it might help you sleep better.

How I have been able to make my house soundproof by using soundproofing is really a complete experience in this article

Soundproofing is an option for everyone, you do not have to work hard, and your work is done just by hanging the blanket, but for this, it is very important to know which blanket will be right for you and which is not. And it’s cheap too, read our full guide.

When I was searching for soundproofing items, I was looking for more suitable methods, then I came to know about acoustic blankets that there are also soundproofing blankets. I wanted to go the cheap way so I looked at blankets and that’s what I used. After studying it, I ordered it and used it, it is still working today.

difference between soundproof blankets and moving blanket

There is no special difference between these two, but we have to keep in mind which blanket is for which purpose.

Moving blankets are used to protect furniture from damage during transportation. Moving blankets are made from layers of dense and heavy materials, such as polyester, fibreglass, mineral wool, and woven cotton. Where do all these materials go as soundproofing materials?

The moving blanket is designed to trap outside noise and eliminate low-sound transmission. The material inside the blanket is more effective at damping low-frequency sound waves than high-frequency waves. If you do better, you can even eliminate high-frequency waves.

Air is known to be a major transmitter of noise, which is why it also has powerful acoustic properties. It stops the wind with the help of its fibres, this is its biggest feature.

Soundproofing blankets started taking over the market in a way very soon because they started working cheaply and quickly. Many people wanted to use it soon because it was saving them money and it is saved.

Professional soundproofing gear is more commonly used in recording studios and offices but tends to be more expensive than blankets. Those blankets are easy and cheap to install.

Know how moving blanket works…..

Does the moving blanket block or absorb noise

Before taking the moving blanket, you must first know what both are. When I also thought of buying a blanket, after doing a lot of research on the internet, I was able to find a good and affordable blanket.

I will try to help you find the best and most affordable blanket for your needs based on my research.

We have shared with you the list of the moving blankets for soundproofing for you.

Sound blocking and sound absorption are two different aspects. Sound blocking means completely restricting sound waves from entering a room and sound absorption means sound waves travel through objects absorbing them.

Both these types of blankets are very good and better in their work.

blocking sound

Sound is a set of particles that produce vibrations, which can be felt and registered by our works. The vibrations must travel through some medium to reach our ears. Many sounds have to travel through solid surfaces. However, most of the noise travels through the air.

The soundproof blanket blocks the passage of air and also helps a lot in blocking the passage of sound waves. The air will still try to pass sound through the gaps left around the blanket and you will hear a slight noise.

A soundproofing moving blanket may not give you 100% soundproofing results, but it just guarantees that you will be able to complete your sleep and spend your day well, with the help of which you could not sleep due to noise earlier. All I can say is that you will find it very needy.

Apart from this, you have to pay attention to the special thing about the blanket, its heavy weight, and the thickness of the blanket. The thicker the blanket, the better it blocks sound. The sound gets weakened when passing through a solid surface, which reduces its transmission.

This quality of the blanket prevents noise from entering. Their construction and soundproofing materials trap the vibrations of sound inside them.

Lastly, a soundproof blanket will not completely soundproof your room but will reduce the amount of noise you get and bring you relief.

absorbing sounds

Soundproofing can also mean absorbing sound, this is another aspect of it. It is slightly different from blocking sound but how do we know?

We already told you that soundproof blankets are thick and heavy. Although their layer is soft. The soundproof blanket pushes the sound coming from outside so that the sound does not come inside.

The soft and porous structure allows the soundproof blanket to trap sound waves that reach across the filled fibres. This prevents sound from travelling to the surface and eliminates echoes that can occur.

In physical terms, the energy of the sound wave is converted to heat, and your home is now echo-free.

Broadly speaking, the same function of both is sound absorption. A moving blanket absorbs the reflections and echoes of noise coming into the room. Whereas if you add more layers (mass) to the blanket and increase its thickness and density, it will trap more air and absorb noise and prevent it from escaping.

A moving blanket is one of the products that perform both soundproofing and sound absorption functions.

What Should Be in a Soundproofing Moving Blanket

After knowing what should be in a moving blanket, it will be easy for you to buy a blanket. Know all the features:


If grommets are such holes, they help in hanging the blanket on the wall or rod. It is very important to have grommets in your soundproofing blanket, this will make it easier for you to use the blanket.

After hanging them, even if the blanket is heavy, the grommets will handle everything.

Density, Thickness, And Weight

The extra fibres in materials such as fibre wool, mineral wool, or rock wool make for excellent sound-absorbing cores. All these materials are considered soundproofing materials.

The density, thickness, and weight of the soundproof blanket, these three things are very important, because these things tell how effective the blanket is.

note: For best results, double or triple the soundproofing blanket.

Thick and heavy soundproofing blanket blocks maximum noise it takes more time for sound to pass through the blanket.


The size of the soundproof blanket should be such that if you are using it on the door then it should cover the entire door and if it increases by about 1-2 inches then there is no problem. If even a small space is left then the sound can get a chance to enter and you will get a little sound too. can bother.

So find a blanket that completely covers the target area. Mostly you get the size of the blanket of 80 x 72 inches. Buy the size blanket you need.


Try blankets that have a very fibrous texture toward the front of your room. Moving blankets for soundproofing work due to the vibrations produced by quilts or fibers of different lengths.

top 5 moving blankets for soundproofing you have to know

Let us know about some of the best soundproof blankets in the market, and which one will be the right option for you. We found 5 blankets that you just might like and fit your needs. Better blankets of 5 brands have been brought to this list.

1. easygoproducts

This company manufactures heavy moving blankets and sells 3-pack sets. This blanket is smaller than most blankets (72″ x 45″) and this blanket is very affordable. Its colours are neutral teal and black. These are covered with dense non-woven polyester, which is a very good and effective material for soundproofing. However, grommets are not found in these.


easygoproducts (amazon)

These blankets are filled with recycled cotton. Using these blankets is a great and durable option for soundproofing a living area. It is lighter and cheaper than the rest. It comes in a pack of 3, so you can stack one on top of the other to increase the soundproofing capacity of the blanket.

key features

  • materials: non-woven Polyester with Recycled Cotton
  • blanket form: quilt
  • size: 17.5 x 13.5 x 2.8 inches
  • blanket weighs: 7.63 pounds
  • set: 3-pack

2. big boxer grommeted soundproof blankets

I have shared about this blanket in my articles earlier as well Big Boxer produces grommeted industrial blankets keeping in mind the soundproofing, which makes it better. It is made of reinforced metal enclosures and is also easy to install. Its size of 78″ x 72″ is ample for everyone to use.

big boxer grommeted soundproof blankets

This blanket is made of nonwoven polyester while its filling is a blend of polyester and cotton. It falls in the heavy category, and the blanket is made of good material for soundproofing. It is washable in the washing machine. Considered a good and cheap blanket in soundproofing, it is one of the preferred tools for immediate soundproofing work.

key features

  • size: 78 x 72
  • materials: polyester, cotton
  • style: industrial
  • weight: 8 pounds

3. Heavy Duty Padded Moving Blankets

This blanket is made of 100% polyester material, in this moving blanket, you will get 12 packs which you can use in different places like protecting your furniture and surfaces from damage while moving.

Best moving blankets for soundproofing

Heavy Duty Padded Moving Blankets

If you want a permanent treatment, you can get better results by doubling or tripling the blanket. These blankets can be machine washed and reused.

key features

  • Made with 100% polyester
  • 72 inches x 80 inches
  • Comes in a 12-pack
  • Weighs 36 lb/DZ

There are many positive reviews about this blanket. Customers say this blanket protects furniture during moves. Some customers have given negative reviews regarding the texture of the blanket.

4. Forearm Forklift Quilted Moving Blanket

This moving blanket pack contains a collection of 6 blankets at 3.8 lbs. It is dual-sided and designed to cover a wide variety of items, each blanket can be used to make it more durable, and you can double or triple layer by using 6 blankets.

Apart from this, these blankets can be washed in the washing machine. You can wear these to protect your pet from any roof and also cover the floor.

Forearm Forklift Quilted Moving Blanket

Forearm Forklift Quilted

Key Features

  • size: 72 x 80 inch
  • materials: Made with 100% recycled mixed fibre, polyester, and polypropylene
  • Weighs: 45.6 lb/dz
  • set: Comes in a 6 blankets
  • blanket form: quilt
  • multi-purpose: yes
  • machine-washable: yes/dry-flat

5. New Haven Textile Moving Blankets

Textile Moving Blanket As you must have known from the name itself you are going to get it at an affordable price, you get 12 blankets in this blanket pack, it is light and easy to use, and you can move things together by using them in one place. Can be more sure. You can cut them and use them easily on delicate items.

New Haven Textile Moving Blankets

1 Dozen Textile Moving Blankets

Key Features

  • size: 54 x 72 inches
  • materials: Made with textile material
  • Weighs: 22 lb/DZ
  • set: 12-blankets in one pack

FAQs: moving blankets for soundproofing

We do not have answers to many of your questions, but here are some of the most asked questions,

Do I need moving blankets for my move?

Probably yes, if you use moving blankets, you can save many of your belongings from heavy damage. Protect your fragile items from damage by placing a moving blanket over them. This blanket helps in protecting the furniture from damage. It prevents materials from scraping each other during cleaning and uses a moving blanket to avoid damaging any materials.

Are moving blankets machine washable?

Your moving blanket made of polyester is machine washable. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on how to wash your moving blankets.

How much do moving blankets cost?

A set of about a 12-pack of moving blankets easily retails for $40 to $80. And it will fit the model and size you choose. You can get it at a good and affordable price

what is sound dampening?

Sound dampening means reducing resonance in the room. Absorption reduces the overall sound level, and redirection renders unwanted sound harmless and reduces coherence.


Hope you liked this guide of mine, if you want to buy soundproofing moving blankets, then you should first know what kind of noise you are worried about. If you use it well then you can make your life better by protecting it from outside noise.

You can do soundproofing by using these blankets, as well as by putting them on top of the items, you can increase the security of the items.

From my experience with moving blankets, it changes the environment of your home. You can avoid noise pollution. Everyone wishes to live stress-free in their home but when you go to sleep then you hear voices from different sides that disturb you and you are not able to sleep well.

I would suggest you to keep in mind our mentioned moving blankets, I do not say that you should prefer them only, if you have good blankets in your eyes, then you should prefer them only. We have the best quality moving blankets in our inventory

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