About Us

My name is “Mohammad Sameer” and I’m the founder and chief editor of Soundproof Gears. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a passion for all things related to home improvement, gardening, and creating quiet spaces. That enthusiasm led me to start this website in November 2022 as a place to share reliable information and recommendations about soundproofing products, materials, and techniques.

I didn’t take the leap into starting this website lightly. I spent years researching and testing products on my own before I felt ready to launch Soundproof Gears. My background is actually in accounting – I worked for years in finance and business management. But in my spare time, I was constantly reading up on sound absorption science, DIY soundproofing methods, and innovations in the industry. I realized there was a need for a trustworthy source of information that cut through the marketing claims and provided real-world advice.

My goal is for Soundproof Gears to be a reliable resource for consumers. I take pride in providing unbiased recommendations based on hands-on experience. Whenever possible, I test products myself in real home environments so I can give an accurate assessment. This site isn’t just about touting the latest gadgets – it’s about finding practical solutions that actually live up to their promises.

Over the years, I’ve soundproofed several spaces in my own home, from bedrooms and home offices to basements and garages. This firsthand experience gives me a unique insight into what works…and what doesn’t. I learn new tips and tricks with every project, and I’m excited to share these lessons with you. You’ll find How-to about DIY soundproofing techniques as well as product reviews for everything from acoustical sealants and green glue to soundproof blankets and mass-loaded vinyl.

Beyond just product reviews, I also provide general advice about architecture, materials, and design principles that contribute to better acoustics. You’ll learn fundamentals like how to isolate noise, how to stop flanking transmission, and how to calculate the optimal sound absorption requirements for a room. I want to empower people with core knowledge so you can make informed decisions.

This site will also cover innovative soundproofing products as they hit the market. I’m committed to staying on top of the latest advancements, from high-tech active noise-cancelling devices to cutting-edge sound-absorbing materials. Whenever something new promises to revolutionize home acoustics, I’ll put it through rigorous real-world testing.

No matter what soundproofing questions or challenges you’re facing, Soundproof Gears is here to help. I invite you to explore the site and learn right along with me. If you can’t find what you need, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’m always happy to hear from readers and consider new topic ideas or product suggestions. Let’s work together to cut through the noise and create quiet, peaceful spaces.