6 best soundproof blanket for door with buying guide

Do you know what’s worse than a noisy neighbor? A noisy neighbor with a drum set. Or a dog. Or a karaoke machine. Or all of the above. Trust us, we’ve been there. And we know how frustrating it can be to try to enjoy some peace and quiet when you’re surrounded by noise.

That’s where the best soundproof blanket for a door comes in. Now, we know what you might be thinking: “A blanket? For a door? Are you kidding me?” But bear with us here. Because when it comes to blocking out unwanted noise, these blankets are no joke.

Not only are they effective, but they’re also affordable and easy to use. Plus, they can add a touch of style to your home décor. And who doesn’t want to look cool while muffling their neighbor’s drumming?

according to Statista, The total global market value of acoustic insulation could exceed $15 billion by the end of 2022.

So, let’s get started!

Can a soundproof blanket make a door soundproof?

a soundproof blanket can help to reduce the amount of noise that passes through a door but it does not block noise completely. The thick and dense material of the blanket absorbs sound waves and prevents them from travelling through the door.

it is important to note that a soundproof blanket alone may not be enough to soundproof a door fully. Using the blanket in conjunction with other soundproofing techniques like sealing gaps around the door, adding weather stripping, or even replacing the door with a solid-core door is recommended.

in short, yes, a soundproof blanket can help make a door soundproof to some extent. But for maximum soundproofing effectiveness, it’s best to combine the use of a soundproof blanket with other soundproofing techniques.

block air gaps

Our goal is to help you soundproof your door with blankets. You can only do well if the gap around your door is completely blocked. It is imperative to block all the gaps.

Sound leakage can play an important role in transmission loss. Transmission loss is the loss of sound intensity (in dB) when the noise passes through the assembly-like wall. If the transmission loss of an assembly is 40 DB, it means it can easily dissipate 40 DB.

WallTransmission Loss (In DB)
5% gap13
0.4% gap24
no gap40

according to the linked guide (pp. 77-78), a 5% gap in a wall can reduce its transmission loss from 40dB to 13 dB.

When you buy soundproof curtains or blankets for doors, note that the blankets are about 5CM bigger than the door on all four sides. This will give you the best results.

Measuring the Sound Reduction of Blankets

Have you ever wondered how your blanket makes your room so peaceful? How does it make the sound of your parents talking or the music in your brother’s room less loud? Well, today we’re going to find out by measuring the noise reduction of blankets!

We all know that blankets are soft and comfortable, but they also have the power to deaden sound. But how much noise can they really reduce? That’s what we’re going to find out by conducting a simple experiment.

blanket noise reduction experiment:

  • Step 1: Gather Your Materials
    You will need a sound level meter, a speaker, a blanket, and a quiet room.
  • Step 2: Set Up the Speakers
    Place the speaker in a corner of the room and make sure it is facing the centre of the room.
  • Step 3: Measure the background noise
    Turn on the sound level meter and place it in the centre of the room away from the speakers. Record the decibel (dB) level of background noise in the room.
  • Step 4: Measure the Sound Level with the Speaker
    Turn on the speakers and play a steady sound, such as white noise or a sine wave, at a moderate volume. Record the decibel level of sound with a sound level meter.
  • Step 5: Cover the Speaker with a Blanket
    Place the blanket over the speaker, making sure it covers the entire speaker.
  • Step 6: Measure the Sound Level with the Blanket
    Repeat step 4, but with the blanket covering the speaker. Record the decibel level.
  • Step 7: Calculate Noise Reduction
    Subtract the decibel level with the blanket from the decibel level without the blanket. This number is the sound reduction provided by the blanket.

buying guide for the best soundproof blanket for a door

When it comes to choosing the right soundproof blanket, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. Let’s take a look at what to consider before making your purchase.


The material of the soundproof blanket is crucial to its effectiveness. Look for blankets made from high-quality soundproofing materials like mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) or acoustic foam. These materials are known for their excellent insulation properties and durability.

Size It Up

Be sure to measure your door before purchasing a soundproof blanket. You will want to choose a blanket that covers the entire surface of your door, leaving no gaps for sound to escape. Don’t forget to account for any hardware, like doorknobs or hinges.

Style and Color

While the main goal is soundproofing, you don’t have to sacrifice style. Many soundproof blankets come in a range of colours and patterns, so you can find one that complements your home’s decor. some styles can double as decorative wall hanging when not in use.

Ease of Use

Consider how easy the blanket is to install and remove. Some blankets come with grommets or hooks for easy hanging, while others may require adhesive or clips. You will want to choose a soundproof blanket that is easy to put up and take down as needed.

5 best soundproofing blankets for door

We have told you what things you have to keep in mind while taking a blanket. We have found some good, cheap, and matching blankets for you.

1. Audimute Isolé Soundproofing Sheet (premium pick)

Audimute Isolé (amazon)

Audimute Isolable Soundproofing Sheet is a product that is designed to reduce sound transmission through walls, floors, and ceilings.

It is made from a heavy, dense material that effectively absorbs and blocks sound waves. This sheet is a cost-effective solution for soundproofing a room, and it can be easily cut to size and applied to any surface.

One of the key features of the Audimute Isolable Soundproofing Sheet is its ability to be applied directly to drywall, plaster, or concrete surfaces, making it very easy to install.

It can be applied with adhesive, nails or staples, and can also be used in conjunction with other soundproofing products.

This sheet is also very versatile, it can be used in a variety of settings such as homes, offices, music studios, and movie theatres.

It’s also fire-resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Easy to install: The sheet can be easily cut to fit any size and shape, and can be applied using adhesive, nails, or screws.
  • Versatile: Can be used in a variety of applications, such as soundproofing walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • High performance: Made with a dense, high-density acoustic foam that provides good sound absorption and blocking.
  • good for small projects: Comes in a sheet form, making it easy to transport and handle.


  • Cost: The sheet may be more expensive than other soundproofing materials.
  • Not suitable for larger projects: The sheet is only 4′ x 2′ and may not be suitable for larger projects.
  • Not suitable for all types of noise: The sheet is primarily effective at reducing mid to high-frequency noise, but not suitable to reduce low-frequency noise such as bass.
  • May not be durable: The sheet is made of foam and may not be as durable as other materials over the long term.

2. Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet (best overall)

sound-absorbing sheet (amazon)

Are you tired of dealing with unwanted noise and echoes in your recording space? I certainly was. That’s why I decided to try out the Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet – and I’m thrilled with the results!

It is a small room in my apartment, and no matter what I tried, I just could not get rid of the echoes and reverberations that were ruining my audio recordings.

I was about to give up on my dream of creating high-quality audio content when I stumbled upon the Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet.

What I love about this product is that it is incredibly easy to install. The sheet is lightweight and comes with grommets and clips that make it easy to hang on any wall or ceiling. I did not need any special tools or expertise to get it set up in my space.

But the real magic happened when I started recording with the Audimute sheet in place. The difference was night and day. The echoes were virtually eliminated, and my audio sounded so much clearer and more professional.

I also appreciate the fact that the Audimute sheet is made from eco-friendly materials, I can feel good about using it in my space.


  • Easy to install: The sheets can be easily cut to size and applied to walls or ceilings using adhesive strips or clips.
  • Versatile: The sheets can be used in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, and studios.
  • Customizable: The sheets come in a variety of colours and patterns, so you can choose a design that fits your decor.
  • High-quality materials: The sheets are made from a high-quality, eco-friendly material that is designed to be both durable and effective at reducing noise transmission.


  • Cost: The sheets can be expensive compared to other types of soundproofing materials.

3. AlphaSorb Sound Absorbing Blanket (for professionals)

AlphaSorb Sound Absorbing Blanket (amazon)

The AlphaSorb Sound Absorbing Blanket is a versatile solution that can be used in a variety of settings. Whether you are recording audio, working in a loud environment, or just trying to create a peaceful space at home, this blanket has got you covered.

What I noticed about the AlphaSorb Sound Absorbing Blanket was how easy it was to set up. It is lightweight and portable, I was able to move it around to different areas of my workspace without any hassle. it looks great – the sleek design fits in with any decor style.

But what really impressed me was how well the AlphaSorb Sound Absorbing Blanket actually worked. As soon as I hung it up, I noticed a significant reduction in echo and outside noise. My recordings sounded clearer and more professional, and I was finally able to focus without distractions.


High-Quality Sound Absorption: The quilted fibreglass core of the blanket is designed to absorb sound and reduce reflections in large reflective environments. With an NRC of 0.85 and STC of 19, these blankets offer excellent sound absorption performance.

Versatile Mounting Options: The AlphaSorb blanket is easy to install and can be suspended or mounted with simple hardware using the 5 factory-installed grommets along the top edge. You can use bolts and washers, cable ties, or s hooks to mount the blanket wherever it is needed.

Durable Construction: The vinyl-coated fibreglass cloth facing on both sides of the blanket provides durability and longevity, making it ideal for long-term use in commercial or industrial settings.

Temperature Range: The AlphaSorb blanket can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, making it suitable for use in a wide range of environments.


Nominal Size: The finished blanket size is nominal due to the quilting process, which means that it may not be an exact fit for your needs. This may require additional cutting or customization to get the desired size.

Limited Color Options: These blankets come in navy blue and black only, which may not be suitable for all interior design schemes.

4. Sure-Max Moving Blanket – cheap moving boxes blankets

Sure-Max Moving Blanket (amazon)

The blanket is made with a premium cotton and polyester blend that feels soft to the touch but is thick and heavy enough to provide a solid layer of protection for even your most delicate items.

One of the things I love most about the Sure-Max Moving Blanket is how versatile it is. It is designed specifically to fit over doors and can be used to protect all kinds of items, from furniture to appliances to art and electronics.

it is large enough to cover even the biggest doorways, so you can rest easy knowing that everything inside your home is safe and secure during the move.

But the real test came during the actual move. I was nervous about how my belongings would hold up during transportation, but the Sure-Max Moving Blanket truly exceeded my expectations.

It kept everything protected and in place, even during bumpy rides and unexpected stops. I also appreciated how easy it was to fold and store after the move was over.

Moving blankets also have the secondary benefit of providing some level of soundproofing.


Superior Protection: With ultra-plush, padded cotton batting and a durable fabric cover, these blankets offer unbeatable protection against scratches, scuffs, and other damage during transport or storage.

Cost-Effective: Sure-Max moving blankets are a cost-effective solution for anyone who wants to protect their furniture, appliances, and other valuable items during a move. Compared to other options on the market, these blankets offer an excellent balance of quality and affordability.

Perfect for Any Distance: Whether you are moving across town or across the country, Sure-Max blankets are ideal for any shipping need. These blankets are designed to withstand the rigours of long-distance travel, ensuring that your belongings arrive safely and securely.

Professional Quality: Sure-Max blankets are used by professional movers and cargo hauliers all over the world, which is a testament to their superior quality. These blankets are built to last and will provide the same level of protection that professionals rely on.


Spot Clean Only: These blankets are not machine washable, which means that they require spot cleaning only. This may be inconvenient for some users who prefer to clean their blankets more thoroughly.

5. Grommeted Industrial Blanket (Our Budget Option)

Grommeted Industrial Blanket (amazon)

As someone who works from home, I know firsthand how distracting outside noise can be. That is why I was excited to try out this blanket and see if it could make a difference in my daily work routine.

Let me tell you, this blanket is a game-changer. The grommets on the corners make it easy to hang over any door, and the heavyweight material does an excellent job of blocking out noise. I was amazed at how much quieter my office felt once I had the blanket in place. It is made a huge difference in my ability to concentrate and be productive throughout the day.

But what I appreciate even more about the Soundproof Grommeted Industrial Blanket is its versatility. It is not just useful for soundproofing doors – it can also be used as a divider in large spaces or even as a backdrop for photo or video shoots. The durable material means it can withstand heavy use and still look great.

Another thing I love about this blanket is how easy it is to clean. It’s machine washable and can be hung to dry, which is so convenient compared to other soundproofing solutions that require professional cleaning or maintenance.


Versatile: The Grommeted Industrial Blanket can be used for multiple purposes, such as dampening noise and vibration, providing privacy for high-security items, hiding factory equipment, securing expensive merchandise, and protecting people from loud machinery.

Durable: Made of nonwoven polyester and double-stitched, this industrial blanket is built to last and withstand heavy use.

Easy to Install: With reinforced metal grommets every 9 inches on one side, hanging this blanket evenly is a breeze.

Provides Privacy: The Grommeted Industrial Blanket is ideal for creating a private space within a larger area, such as a warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Reduces Noise and Vibration: This blanket helps to dampen noise and vibration, making it an excellent choice for use in loud industrial settings.


Limited Color Options: The Grommeted Industrial Blanket is only available in one colour, which may not be suitable for all settings.

Size Limitations: This industrial blanket is available in only one size, 78 inches in length by 72 inches in width, which may not be suitable for all applications.

6. Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Blankets

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Blankets

I recently had to move apartments and was lucky enough to discover Soundproof Moving boxes and Blankets to make my room door quit, and let me tell you, they made a world of difference.

the quality of these blankets is truly top-notch. They are made with a thick, heavy-duty material that is designed to block out noise and protect your belongings from damage during transportation. I was so impressed by how durable and sturdy they were – I knew right away that they were going to do the job.

One of the things I love most about these soundproof moving blankets is how versatile they are. They can be used to cover doors, windows, or any other surface that might let in unwanted noise or damage. they are easy to install and remove, making them a hassle-free addition to your moving process.

But the real test came during the move itself. I was amazed by how well these soundproof moving blankets worked to keep out noise and prevent damage to my belongings. Even when we hit some bumps in the road (literally), everything inside the boxes stayed safe and secure.

And let me tell you, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are protected is priceless. I felt so much less stressed during the move knowing that I had these soundproof moving blankets on my side.


Professional-grade: I appreciate the oversized 80″ x 72″ premium quality moving pads that provide exceptional damage protection from scratches, nicks, dirt, and moisture when moving or transporting furniture, appliances, and other valuable large items.

Superior cushioning: The thick, padded virgin cotton batting with polyester binding used in the construction of these packing blankets offers superior protection compared to most competitors’ blankets made from inferior materials. The zig-zag stitching holds inner cushioning in place for consistent padding protection and prolonged pad life.

Durable: The heavy-duty furniture blankets feature a reinforced double-lock stitched fabric with polyester binding that is highly resilient to tears and built to last.
Multi-purpose: As someone who values versatility, I appreciate that these blankets are ideal for both professional and do-it-yourself moving, and are well-suited for safe, breathable protection for items in storage, as well as protecting floors, car upholstery, and much more.

Dual-sided: The quality, double-sided construction allows for added convenience and protection when securely wrapping up items or sliding furniture across floors. This makes it easier to use these blankets in a variety of situations and provides an extra layer of protection.


Weight: While the blankets are heavy-duty and offer superior protection, the weight of the blankets (approximately 2-3/4 pounds apiece) could be a challenge for someone who needs to move multiple items or transport a large number of blankets.

Colour: While the navy blue and black colour scheme is stylish and professional-looking, it may not be everyone’s preferred colour scheme. Some individuals may prefer a more neutral colour palette.

FAQs: best soundproof blanket for door

important questions which are the rise on your mind, you have to know about all things.

Can a soundproof blanket block all noise?

No, a soundproof blanket can help to reduce the amount of sound that passes through a door, but it may not completely eliminate all noise. The level of sound reduction will depend on the materials used in the blanket and the thickness of the blanket.

Will a soundproof blanket affect the look of my door?

It depends on the size and design of the blanket. Some soundproof blankets are specifically designed to blend in with the door and be not very visible, while others are more noticeable. If you’re concerned about the appearance of the blanket, you can choose one that is designed to be less obtrusive.

Can I use a soundproof blanket on any type of door?

Soundproofing blankets are typically designed to be used on interior doors. However, it’s important to make sure the blanket is compatible with the type of door you have. If you’re not sure whether or not a blanket will work with your door, you can contact the manufacturer for more information.

How do I install a soundproof blanket on my door?

Installing a soundproof blanket on your door is a fairly simple process. First, measure the door to determine the size of the blanket you will need. Then, position the blanket on the door, making sure that it covers the entire surface. You can use Velcro or adhesive tape to attach the blanket to the door.

What is a soundproof blanket and how does it work?

A soundproof blanket is a type of sound insulation designed to reduce the amount of sound passing through a door. It usually consists of a thick, dense fabric such as felt or acoustic foam, which absorbs and blocks sound waves. Some blankets may also include a layer of mass-loaded vinyl (MLV), which can help increase the sound-blocking capabilities of the blanket.


Finally, soundproofing your doors is a simple and effective way to reduce noise transmission into your home.

Soundproof blankets are an easy and cost-effective solution that can be used on any interior door. Made with thick felts or acoustic foam, and possibly including a layer of heavily loaded vinyl, these blankets can provide a good level of sound reduction. With a wide range of soundproof blanket options available on the market, choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming.

However, with the information provided in this article, you will be able to make an informed decision and choose the best soundproofing blanket to suit your budget and your needs.

So, take the first step towards a quieter home, and invest in a soundproof blanket for your door today.

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