soundproof your home with soundproofing bunnings in 2023

I know you must be wondering what are soundproofing bunnings. Let me tell you, soundproofing bunnings is a company of home improvement services and outdoor living products in Australia and New Zealand.

Soundproofing is the process of reducing or eliminating unwanted sound from entering or exiting a particular space. It’s a technique used to create a more peaceful and comfortable environment by blocking out noise pollution from outside sources such as traffic, neighbours, and other external sounds.

That’s why today we will tell you through this article how you can make your house soundproof, must read till the last.

Read our guide to effectively and safely soundproof all large parts of your home.

why soundproofing bunnings

Bunnings is a popular home improvement store that sells a variety of soundproofing materials, including acoustic panels, soundproofing insulation, and door seals. Bunnings offers a wide variety of soundproofing materials, so it’s important to do some research and choose the right materials for your specific needs.

The pretty question is, why soundproofing, soundproofing means you can make your home soundproof to free your home from outside noises. You can get rid of such noises which disturb you.

Soundproofing acts as a medicine for your home, it will keep you tension free. I am very happy to have my room soundproofed, a tension went off my head because I could not work in my studio room with useless sound, I used to feel a lot of disturbance, that’s why I paid more attention to soundproofing And now I can work with good retard

I would stress that if you are a blogger, YouTuber, or have a studio job then you are in dire need of soundproofing, it will make your work easier.

according to Statista, in 2022 Wesfarmers Limited spent 23.4 billion Australian dollars on raw materials. in total Wesfarmers Limited’s expenses amounted to approximately 33.5 billion Australian dollars in the same year.

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, consider using Bunning’s home improvement services.

does soundproofing work

Soundproofing works, that’s why big people get it done in their homes, soundproofing is not a small process, it is a very long process. Now as we have the whole house soundproof, you can imagine how much time it can take.

Sound travels in the form of waves, a sound is a vibration of different frequencies. In soundproofing, we use soundproofing materials that deflect, diffuse or absorb sound.

The thickness of the surface is necessary to eliminate or deflect the sound. If you have ever lived in a house built of sandstone, you must have felt that the loud noises from outside get drowned out.

Compare this with a brick veneer house built on the side of the road. The layer of bricks cannot absorb sound adequately.

how to soundproof walls

By using soundproof materials on the walls of your home, you can reduce or eliminate outside noises. Walls consist of a series of layers, with brickwork or cladding on the outside, insulation foil and framing in the middle, and then plasterboard on the inside. With the help of these layers, you can reduce the noise.

This includes several things:

  • When you build your house, use double brick on the walls of your house because the use of double brick reduces the sound, it makes the wall dense so that outside sounds do not come from inside the house.
  • Explore more and more cladding and weatherboard options. The wallboard is about seven to eight millimetres thick. What you will get is 16mm thick, and best of all, it also has thermal soundproofing properties.

soundproof internal linings

Nowadays plasterboard is preferred more for seating in the interior walls of the house. The plasterboard is 10mm thick and provides minimal soundproofing. Good Choices For You:

  • Acoustic plasterboard. Plasterboard is made to reduce sound, you can use it. It is compact, its thickness is 10mm. Mind you, they are heavy and expensive, they provide quality noise reduction over a wide area.
  • fire stopping board. Commercial-grade boards provide a dramatic reduction in sound transmission. They have a thickness of about 13mm to 15mm and are used on walls that are subjected to heavy noise.

It is not easy to say that these materials are cheap, therefore, you cannot use these acoustic boards everywhere to make your home soundproof. It is better that you pay more attention to that place from where there is more possibility of noise coming. This will save you money and the house will also become soundproof.

soundproof ceilings and roof cavities

soundproof your home with soundproofing bunnings

Acoustic plasterboard as well as cavity insulation is used in interior walls, this prevents and reduces sound transmission between rooms. After working on the vertical areas, we should move on to the horizontal parts of the house, such as the floor and ceiling. Ways to go:

  • I would recommend using plasterboard on your ceilings, it will work great on multi-stories, it will reduce outside noise from seeping in, and reduce noise transmission between stars.
  • Add high R-value insulation in the cavity between the ceiling and floor above the plasterboard in multi-story homes. This improves thermal performance in the house and minimizes sound transmission. Every home should have roof insulation with a possible r-value.

Especially for tall houses, I would say that you should keep sub-floor insulation in mind. Using its design, you can friction-fit it between the joists below the floor. It can perform both a thermal insulator and noise transmission functions well.

How to soundproof doors

The door is the main point of the house from where the sound keeps coming and going, that’s why you cannot be deprived of soundproofing the door.

That’s why we always advise our clients when they go to take the door, then definitely check the soundproofing joints in it. You should avoid hollow doors as they reduce the transmission of sounds.

If you have hollow doors in your house, then replace them now with good and heavy doors. How can we make the door soundproof, learn how?

soundproof windows

soundproof windows

After doors, we consider windows as the biggest source of sound coming in. We consider window glass to be a poor insulator. There are some other good ways:

  • If your house is in front of a slow road or a busy area, do not install windows on the front wall of your house.
  • Use double-glazed windows in rooms for high noise areas. As soon as there is an air gap in between, it reduces the tire to a great extent.
  • When installing glass windows, keep in mind that the glass should be thick, because thick glass is considered good to block sound. Laminated glass is better at filtering out loud noises from aircraft.
  • To block out the noise you can go with retro-fit windows yen is made to stop the noise.
  • Add quality window accessories.

The forgotten noise leaks

Noise always finds new ways to enter your home, soundproofing a home means filling and closing cracks and gaps in walls, between boards, around windows, door frames, pipes, and vents. You can create your own works using gap sealants and they are designed for specific areas.

Care will also be taken to fill the gaps under the doors, as even after soundproofing the door, noises may come from below and disturb you, for this, you can use a suitable draft or whether exclusion strip.

soundproof a cavity

The forgotten noise leaks

The space between the inner and outer walls is called the cavity. This may seem like the simplest and most cost-effective way to reduce noise from here. Keep a few things in mind as you work:

  • There is also a category of wall insulation, this insulation is equivalent to the insulation that is used to insulate the roof. The better its R-value, the better the insulation. This material becomes denser with each step.
  • Before taking, note whether this insulating material is made for sound or not, whether it is useful only in thermal properties. Remember that while taking any insulator, it must be dense, only then it will be able to reduce or block the sound completely.

FAQs for soundproofing bunnings

There are some questions that you desperately need to know which can help you a lot while soundproofing.

what are bunnings

bunnings is a company that provides home improvement services as well as lifestyle products in Australia and New Zealand. It was started in Western Australia in 1886.

Does Bunnings also sell lifestyle products?

Yes, Bunnings has its own products in addition to home improvement services.

Can you make the house completely soundproof?

It is not impossible to make the whole house soundproof, but it is very difficult, it is easy to soundproof the big parts of the house from where more noise comes like doors, windows, roof, skylight, etc.

Which part of the house should be soundproof first?

According to the expert, when the house is built, then you should make the walls of double bricks because it reduces the noise coming inside. After this, you have to soundproof all the big things like doors, windows, and skylights from where more noise comes.


Hope you like my guide, I know it is not easy to make a house soundproof but sometimes it has to be done for some reason. Most of all it is necessary for those who are YouTubers, studios, or any singers.

According to today’s noise pollution, it seems to everyone that it is strictly necessary.

There are many ways to stop the outside sound, but not everything can be used, no, we told you how to make the door soundproof, which you can do through your household items.

If we have missed any point, then you can tell us through the comment box.

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