10 Best Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fans for a Peaceful Experience

Sick of rowdy bathroom exhaust fans ruining your Zen time? Look no further. Our list of the top 10 quietest bathroom exhaust fans has got your back.

Whether you’re renovating or just need to swap out a rickety old model, we’ve got the lowdown on the quietest, yet functional options out there.

Get ready to create a calming sanctuary with our ultimate guide to the best quiet bathroom exhaust fans.

When picking a silent exhaust fan bathroom, the level of silence it brings is key. The recommended noise level for a bathroom fan is 0.5 to 1.5 sones.

Sones gauge both the volume and pitch of the sound, and higher sone ratings mean louder fans. Most homes should aim for a fan rating of 1.0 sones or lower, but some homeowners may want to go as low as 0.5 sones for extra peace and quiet.

Here is a table showing the noise level range and the corresponding sones rating:

Noise Level (dB)Sones RatingDescription
0 – 250.25Barely audible, almost silent
25 – 350.5Very quiet, almost silent
35 – 451.0Quiet, barely noticeable
45 – 552.0Moderate, somewhat noticeable
55 – 653.0Loud, noticeable
65 – 754.0Very loud, annoying
75 – 855.0Extremely loud, very annoying
85+6.0+Painful, can cause hearing damage

does exhaust fan size impact noise level

The size of the exhaust fan affects its noise level. A bigger fan usually has a bigger motor that generates more noise than a smaller fan. But, a larger fan can also have a lower RPM motor that reduces noise.

Moreover, a larger fan may move more air with less noise than a smaller fan since it doesn’t have to work as hard due to less resistance.

Here’s an example table that shows the recommended exhaust fan size and quiet level in decibels (dB) for different bathroom sizes:

Bathroom Size (square feet)Recommended Exhaust Fan Size (CFM)Quiet Level (dB)
Up to 5050-800-1.5 sones
50-10080-1100-2 sones
100-150110-1500-3 sones
150-200150-2000-3 sones

How to Choose a Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Determine the required airflow capacity

To choose a hushed bathroom fan, gauge the room’s volume by measuring its length, width, and height in feet, then multiply these figures to find its cubic footage.

Using this data, employ the formula below to determine the necessary airflow capacity: Airflow (CFM) = Volume of Bathroom (cubic feet) x Number of Air Changes per Hour / 60.

The quantity of air changes per hour relies on the room’s size and intended purpose. Typically, eight air changes per hour suffice for a conventional bathroom, but more may be required for larger spaces or those subject to moisture.

Finally, locate a tranquil exhaust fan that matches this capacity, taking care to balance it against the fan’s noise level and sone rating (usually 1.5 or lower).

Look for a low sone rating

To find a quiet bathroom exhaust fan, seek out a low sone rating. Sone measures a fan’s noise level, with lower scores indicating less sound.

Fans rated at 1.0 sones are hushed, whereas those at 4.0 or higher are boisterous. Bathroom exhaust fans tend to range between 0.5 and 6.0 sones, but a 2.0 or below rating will bring tranquillity.

Additionally, weigh the fan’s airflow capacity, measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). A fan with a high CFM score clears dampness and smells better, but may also be noisier. Opt for a fan that balances both low sone and CFM for your bathroom’s size.

Choose the right fan size

To select a quiet bathroom exhaust fan, choosing the correct fan size is vital. The fan’s size ought to be based on the bathroom’s dimensions.

To compute the necessary airflow, one can apply a straightforward formula: multiply the bathroom’s length, width, and height to obtain the cubic footage, then divide by 60 to determine the airflow rate in cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Look for insulated ducts

Insulated ducts, wrapped with fibreglass or foam, reduce noise by up to 50% compared to those without insulation.

These ducts also help prevent condensation and heat loss or gain, thus increasing energy efficiency.

Choose a bathroom exhaust fan that uses insulated ducts or can be installed with them to keep your bathroom quiet and energy-efficient.

what is the quietest bathroom exhaust fan

10 Best Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fans

1. Panasonic WhisperCeiling DC exhaust fan

I got a Panasonic bathroom exhaust fan, the FV-0511VQ1 WhisperCeiling DC. It’s powerful and works well. It’s also super quiet, with a noise level of just 0.3 sones. That means it won’t disturb your peace when you’re in the bathroom.

What’s really cool is that it has SmartFlow tech, so it knows how much air it needs to move to keep things ventilated. You don’t gotta mess with it or anything. And it’s Energy Star-certified, so it doesn’t use up too much electricity and saves you money.

The DC motor is sturdy too, so it’ll keep working well for a long time. It’s the perfect bathroom fan for anyone who wants a peaceful and efficient experience. The Panasonic WhisperCeiling DC is the quietest and most high-powered bathroom fan around.

pros and cons

Energy Star CertifiedComplex installation
Speed selectorNeeds professional installation
SmartFlow TechnologyNot suitable for small bathrooms
DC motorRequires electrical wiring
Easy to clean
Effective ventilation
quiet bathroom fan motor

2. Broan-NuTone Flex Bathroom Exhaust Ventilation Fan

I got this great bathroom fan, the Broan-NuTone AE110LK Flex, which is an ENERGY STAR champ that saves energy and cash. It’s got a super cool thing about it – the noise sone rating is just 1.0, so it’s like a mouse’s whisper and won’t disrupt your peace.

it can get rid of moisture and smells like a boss with its powerful airflow rate of 110 CFM. Also, it has this awesome LED light that’s bright and long-lasting. Installing it is a breeze – everything you need comes with it.

pros and cons

ENERGY STAR certifiedExpensive
LED lightLoud
EfficientRequires professional installation
Low noise level (1.0 sones)Not suitable for large spaces
Easy to cleanLimited colour options

3. Delta BreezSignature Exhaust Bath Fan with Humidity Sensor

The Delta BreezSignature VFB25ADH 110 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan with Humidity Sensor is an efficient and trustworthy bathroom fan. It removes moisture and odours rapidly with its robust 110 CFM airflow, preventing mould and mildew growth.

A remarkable attribute of this fan is its humidity sensor, which activates the fan when the bathroom’s humidity surpasses a specific level. This is advantageous for those who forget to switch on the fan manually or for those who want to guarantee adequate ventilation.

Despite its forceful airflow, this fan operates with a meagre noise sone rating of only 0.3, ensuring undisturbed tranquillity for you and your family.

I highly endorse the Delta BreezSignature VFB25ADH 110 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan with Humidity Sensor to anyone who requires a reliable and effective bathroom fan. Its strong airflow, automated humidity sensor, and silent operation make it an excellent choice for any bathroom.

pros and cons

Removes humidity/moisture
Easy to installLimited coverage area
Humidity sensingRequires electrical wiring
Modern designLimited colour options

4. Fantech Premium Bathroom Exhaust Vent Fan

The Fantech PB 270L7-2 Premium Bathroom Exhaust Vent Fan is a fine product that greatly enhances bathroom ventilation.

Boasting 270 CFM, it banishes moisture and odour, leaving a fresh and hygienic space.

Notably, it operates quietly, thanks to its low sone rating, and installation is a breeze, with explicit instructions provided.

The fan’s construction is impressive, with a durable, rust-resistant housing able to withstand moisture and humidity, and a built-in damper that ensures seamless functionality.

the Fantech PB 270L7-2 Premium Bathroom Exhaust Vent Fan is a dependable choice for homeowners and contractors alike, delivering excellent airflow, minimal noise, and robust construction.

I wholeheartedly recommend it to those seeking a high-performance bathroom ventilation solution.

pros and cons

High CFM (270)Loud (4.0 sones)
Energy efficientExpensive
Easy to installLarge size
EffectiveNot aesthetically pleasing
DurableNo humidity sensor
Long-lastingNot suitable for small spaces

5. KAZE APPLIANCE 0.5 Sone Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The KAZE APPLIANCE is the best silent exhaust fan that hums quietly. With a mere 0.5 sone noise rating, it creates a quiet environment, perfect for your restroom needs.

In spite of its hushed operation, this fan pumps out a vigorous 150 CFM airflow, expelling dampness, scents, and impurities from your bathroom promptly and effectively. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, this fan can handle the task effortlessly.

Installing the fan is a breeze, and the instructions are simple to follow. The fan is fashioned with top-notch materials, ensuring its durability even with everyday use.

I highly recommend the KAZE APPLIANCE SEP150 to anyone seeking a high-performing bathroom fan that whispers.

With its robust performance, easy installation, and sturdy construction, it’s a wise investment for anyone who values a sanitary, pleasant bathroom ambience.

pros and cons

Ultra quietExpensive
Energy efficientModerate CFM rating
Sleek designInstallation may be difficult
Low noise sone rating
best Suitable For Small Bathrooms

6. Hunter Decorative Bathroom Ventilation Exhaust Fan

The Hunter 90064z Ellipse Decorative Bathroom Ventilation Exhaust Fan Night-Light is a fine choice for those in search of a competent and stylish bathroom exhaust fan. Its brushed nickel finish is sleek and adaptable, while the matte opal glass adds a touch of class.

Boasting a powerful 100 CFM ventilation rate, the Hunter 90064z adeptly eradicates bathroom moisture and malodors. Operating with a low noise sone rating, the fan guarantees uninterrupted bathroom use, ensuring quiet baths and restroom breaks.

A pleasing bonus is the night light, gently illuminating the bathroom during nocturnal use. The fan’s installation is straightforward, and the instructions are user-friendly, rendering it an excellent selection for DIY enthusiasts.

pros and cons

StylishLimited power
High CFMNo humidity
Easy to clean

7. Broan-Nutone QTXE150FLT Ultra-Silent Ventilation Fan

For those in search of a quiet and efficient ventilation system for their home or bathroom, look no further than the Broan-Nutone QTXE150FLT Ultra-Silent Ventilation Fan with Light. This ENERGY STAR-certified fan is a top pick for those seeking to cut down on their power consumption and costs.

A major selling point of this fan is its discreetness. At a mere 1.5 noise sones, it operates silently, allowing for a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Perfect for those who crave serenity and relaxation.

Furthermore, the Broan-Nutone QTXE150FLT comes with a 36-watt fluorescent light that casts a warm glow, providing ample lighting. The light provides an inviting ambience that is ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Its easy installation and 6″ round design make it a cinch to fit in most homes or bathrooms. And, its hassle-free cleaning ensures that your home’s air quality remains optimal.

pros and cons

ENERGY STAR certifiedRequires professional installation
Includes a lightNot suitable for large spaces
Easy to installOnly 36-watt light
Energy-efficient6″ round size may not fit all installations
Improves air quality
Low noise sone rating
Ideal For Bathrooms And Homes

8. OREiN Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light, 12W Bathroom Fan

The OREiN Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light offers a superb solution for those seeking bathroom ventilation. The LED light at 12W is bright and efficient, providing ample illumination.

The fan boasts a 100 CFM capacity, swiftly removing moisture and odours from the air, ensuring a fresh and comfortable bathroom.

Remarkably, this fan operates quietly, rating at 1.5 on the noise-sone scale, allowing you to use it without disturbance. The fan is also Energy Star certified and meets HVI/FCC/ETL safety and energy efficiency standards.

Installation is simple, and the white design complements any bathroom decor. Ultimately, the OREiN Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light is a dependable and efficient choice for any bathroom.

pros and cons

Quiet (1.5 Sones)Limited colour options
Energy Star certifiedMay not fit all spaces
LED light includedInstallation may be tricky
Efficient airflow (100 CFM)
Multiple certifications (HVI/FCC/ETL)
Helps Reduce Moisture

9. Homewerks Humidity Sensor Exhaust Ventilation fan

The Homewerks 7146-80-MS Bathroom Fan is a solid choice for anyone seeking to enhance their bathroom’s air circulation. It boasts a humidity sensor that switches on when dampness levels escalate, preventing unsightly mould and mildew from appearing in your washroom.

Additionally, the integrated dimmable LED light serves as a fantastic option for those seeking a subtle lighting upgrade.

A notable attribute of this bathroom fan is its sound level measurement in sones. With a mere rating of 1.5, this fan is among the quietest ones obtainable, making it an ideal fit for individuals looking to maintain their bathroom’s calm ambience.

The inclusion of the Smart Motion sensor, which senses activity in the room and automatically activates the fan, adds an extra layer of convenience.

Overall, if you’re searching for a top-quality and efficient bathroom fan that doesn’t disrupt the tranquility of your abode, the Homewerks Bathroom Fan is a smart investment.

With its humidity sensor, dimmable LED light, and Smart Motion sensor, it has all the necessary features to satisfy your bathroom ventilation requirements.

pros and cons

Integrated designExpensive
Dimmable LED lightRequires wiring
Humidity sensorNot wireless
Smart motionOnly 80 CFM
Low noise soneLimited colour
Easy to install
Improves air quality
User-friendly controls

10. TECH DRIVE Bathroom fan with LED light

If in need of a bathroom fan with light, a TECH DRIVE Bathroom fan is a reliable choice. With a 2.0 sones noise rating, the fan runs quietly, without disrupting your bathroom routine.

Efficiently ventilating your bathroom and removing moisture from the air, the fan’s 80 CFM capacity helps in preventing mould and mildew formation.

Notably, installation is easier and faster with no attic access required. An LED light is included, providing a 4000K colour temperature and 600 lumens brightness, suitable for illuminating your bathroom without causing harsh or blinding light.

pros and cons

Easy installationMay not fit all spaces
No attic access neededLED light may be too bright
Very quietMay not be powerful enough
Efficient ventilation
LED light included
Low Noise Sone Rating

comparison table Best Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fans

ProductNoise Sone RatingUnique Features
Panasonic WhisperCeiling DC Exhaust Fan0.3Energy Star certified, motion sensor, and SmartFlow tech
Broan-NuTone Flex Bathroom Exhaust Fan1.5Flex-Z Fast installation, UL listed for use in tub/shower
Delta BreezSignature Exhaust Bath Fan1.0Energy Star certified, humidity sensor, and DC brushless motor
Fantech Premium Bathroom Exhaust Vent Fan0.3External rotor motor, built-in backdraft damper, and low-profile design
KAZE APPLIANCE 0.5 Sone Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan0.5Energy Star certified, DC motor, and LED light included
Hunter Decorative Bathroom Ventilation Exhaust Fan2.5Designer-inspired glass globe, quiet operation, and easy installation
Broan-Nutone QTXE150FLT Ultra-Silent Ventilation Fan1.5Energy Star certified, ultra-silent operation, and high CFM
OREiN Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Light1.5LED light, humidity sensor, and easy installation
Homewerks Humidity Sensor Exhaust Ventilation Fan1.5Humidity sensor, adjustable fan speed, and Energy Star certified
TECH DRIVE Bathroom Fan With LED Light2.0Very quiet, easy installation, and efficient ventilation

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How do you silence a noisy fan?

Clean the fan

Bathroom exhaust fans get noisy with dirt, dust, and debris buildup, lowering airflow and effectiveness. Clean it to bring back efficiency and quietness. Turn off the power, remove the cover, clean gently with a brush or cloth, and vacuum the remaining debris.

Check the vent cover and ductwork for blockages, and replace them if damaged. Reattach the cover, turn on the power, and enjoy a quieter fan.

Do this yearly for optimal performance. Consider replacing worn blades, installing vibration-dampening mounts, or getting a new fan for even more quietness. An electrician or HVAC technician can provide additional guidance.

Tighten loose parts

Turn off the power, detach the fan cover or grille, and assess the fan blade. If it’s loose, tighten the screw or nut holding it to the motor shaft while holding it still.

Likewise, check the motor mount and the housing for any loose screws or bolts, and adjust the blades to prevent hitting.

Lastly, secure any loose sections of ductwork with metal duct tape or screws. Turn the power back on and test the fan. If it persists, the motor or fan blade may need replacement.

Lubricate the bearings

Bathroom fans remove moisture and odours, but bearings can wear down, causing loud noise. To fix this, turn off the power, find the bearings, and use oil or spray to lubricate them.

Clean them first with a brush or cloth to remove debris. Do not over-lubricate, as this can cause excess oil to drip or more noise.

Test the fan after lubricating. If the noise continues, consider replacing the bearings or the whole fan. By lubricating the bearings, you can extend the fan’s life and make it quieter.

Replace worn bearings

If your bathroom fan makes a racket, chances are the bearings have worn out over time. Replacing them is a cinch for most homeowners with some elbow grease and basic tools. Start by shutting off the fan’s power supply.

Then, detach the cover and motor assembly. Find the bearings on the shaft and extract the old ones with pliers or a wrench. Clean the shaft with a soft cloth or sandpaper to remove rust or debris.

Apply a dollop of motor oil or bearing grease to lubricate the new bearings, ensuring they’re fitted properly.

Use the retaining clips or screws to secure them, without over-tightening. Reassemble the fan, switch the power back on, and test it out. With fresh bearings, your fan will run smoothly and noiselessly for many moons.

Balance the blades

Bathroom fans remove moisture and odour, but imbalanced blades can cause noise. Balancing is easy: turn off the power, remove the cover, check for damage, loosen screws, observe wobbling, and use a balancing kit with weight and instructions.

Attach weight to the opposite blade, observe, and repeat until balanced. Note that older fans may not eliminate noise, and replacement may be more cost-effective.

Install a vibration damper

If the fan is mounted to a flexible surface, it can vibrate and make noise. Install a vibration damper between the fan and the mounting surface. This will absorb the vibrations and reduce the noise.

FAQs for Quietest Bathroom Exhaust Fans

What size exhaust fan is best for a bathroom?

The bathroom’s size determines the ideal exhaust fan size, as per the Home Ventilating Institute. They suggest that the fan should have a minimum capacity of 1 CFM per square foot of bathroom area. So, a 50-square-foot bathroom necessitates a fan with at least 50 CFM capacity. Other variables to consider include ceiling height, number of fixtures, and ductwork configuration. Seeking guidance from an electrician or HVAC contractor is wise.

how do you measure a quietness of a bathroom exhaust fan

Bathroom exhaust fan quietness is gauged in sonar units. Sone denotes loudness or perceived loudness, measured on an American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) scale. Ratings below 0.5 sones mean very quiet, while above 4 sone means loud. A lower sone rating equals less noise.

what is the difference between an extractor fan and exhaust fan?

Extractor fan or exhaust fan – same, remove air from bathroom or kitchen, suck the air out, blow it out. “Extractor fan” for UK kitchen, takes cooking smells, steam, and grease. “Exhaust fan” for US bathroom, takes moisture, prevents mould. Though the same function, terms differ by region and use.


To ensure comfort, lessen noise pollution, and maintain indoor air quality, it is crucial to find the best quiet bathroom exhaust fan. With numerous options available, one must consider various factors, such as noise level, ventilation rate, energy efficiency, and durability.

Our top picks, which include Panasonic WhisperCeiling DC Exhaust Fan, Broan-NuTone Flex Bathroom Exhaust Ventilation Fan, and Delta BreezSignature Exhaust Bath Fan With Humidity Sensor, are excellent choices for those seeking high-quality and quiet bathroom exhaust fans.

By investing in a quiet bathroom exhaust fan, one can bask in a tranquil and comfortable bathroom environment, liberated from noise and excessive moisture.

I hope this article is beneficial for you. thanks for reading.

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