Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound Review: Pros and Cons

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Green Glue is a patented viscoelastic damping polymer used between building materials like drywall to significantly improve noise blocking.

This innovative soundproofing compound converts sound energy into low-grade heat energy and creates a constrained damping layer that allows materials on each side to move independently.

What is a Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound?

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Green Glue noiseproofing compound is a water-based, non-hardening viscoelastic material used in soundproofing assemblies. When applied between layers of drywall, green glue improves sound transmission loss by converting vibrational sound energy into low-grade heat energy.

Some key facts about Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound Review:

  • Patented viscoelastic damping polymer formula
  • Sandwiched between drywall or panels to block noise
  • Creates a constrained damping layer up to 0.5mm thick with green glue noiseproofing compound.
  • Allows materials on each side to move independently

Green Glue is applied as a liquid and never fully hardens, remaining permanently viscoelastic over its lifetime. This allows it to provide consistent noise reduction for years after installation without losing efficacy like some other sound-damping glues that become rigid or brittle.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Applications

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Green Glue can be used in a wide variety of residential and commercial soundproofing applications:

  • Interior walls – block airborne noise from adjacent rooms like loud TVs or music
  • Floor/ceiling assemblies – reduces footstep and impact noise transmission between upstairs and downstairs units
  • Home theatres – absorbs home theatre system bass vibrations and improves acoustic separation
  • Recording studios and music practice rooms – contain sound vibrations within the room

It is also hugely beneficial for mitigating noise issues in:

  • Hotels, motels, condos
  • Apartment living spaces
  • Classrooms, offices
  • Movie theatres and auditoriums

Essentially any environment where maintaining proper acoustic isolation is desired can benefit from Green Glue soundproofing compound installations.

How Does Green Glue Noise Reduction Compound Work?

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Green Glue noiseproofing compound creates a viscoelastic damping layer between building materials like drywall. This means it allows the drywall layers to move independently and β€œdamp” the transmission of vibrations that cause noise with green glue noiseproofing compound.

The key principle that makes Green Glue so effective is the conversion of sound energy into low-grade heat energy. As sound waves cause building materials to vibrate, the viscoelastic Green Glue layer in between them converts these disturbances into small amounts of dissipated heat. This both damps the amplitude of material vibrations and allows less acoustic energy to be transmitted through assemblies into adjacent spaces.

Most competitive viscoelastic soundproofing compounds rely on a similar mechanism of damping vibrational energy into heat.

However, extensive third-party laboratory testing has verified that Green Glue has a superior loss factor – meaning it converts more incoming noise into harmless heat compared to alternatives.

The constrained damping layer formed by Green Glue transforms poor-performing assemblies into structures with impressive transmission loss capabilities across a wide frequency range. It achieves 70-80% sound transmission loss improvement rates and significantly outperforms similar products, especially on lower noise frequencies that are most disruptive.

Green Glue is also a cost-effective and accessible sound-damping solution compared to luxury pre-damped drywall brands or complex isolation mounting systems. It performs exceptionally in real-world imperfect installation conditions and has proven noise-blocking capabilities confirmed through stringent acoustic testing procedures.

Green Glue Noiseproofing System Components

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The Green Glue noiseproofing system includes additional specialized caulking/sealants, isolation clips, and tapes to comprehensively address different sound leakage paths:

Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant

  • Water-based acoustic caulking/sealant
  • Fills gaps, cracks, and seams between wall-floor and wall-ceiling joints
  • Flexible formulation maintains isolation performance
  • Prevents flanking noise paths for maximum sound containment

Green Glue Noiseproofing Clips

  • Mechanically isolate wall layers with air space
  • Metal hat channel clips decouple wall assembly
  • Outperforms similar resilient channel products
  • Eliminates wall vibration transfer and short-circuiting

Green Glue Noiseproofing Joist Tape

Using the system together as needed allows both airborne and structure-borne noise paths to be addressed for superior room-to-room sound isolation.

What Tools Do I Need for Installation?

Green Glue is easily applied using basic installation tools:

  • Utility knife to cut nozzle tip
  • Standard caulking gun to dispense tubes
  • Drywall lift panels into place once applied
  • Screws/drill to affix sheets after positioning

The process is straightforward for DIYers and pro contractors alike.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Install Green Glue Soundproofing Compound

Installing Green Glue noiseproofing compound is straightforward when properly following the manufacturer-recommended application methods:

Surface Preparation

Ensure existing wall surfaces are cleaned, patched, and ready for application. Install the first layer of drywall and seal/tape seams thoroughly with acoustic caulk rather than mesh tape and joint compound which can transmit more sound vibrations.

Green Glue Application

Cut the nozzle tip to create a 1⁄4” opening size. Apply Green Glue vertically in large zig-zag or spiral bead patterns over one entire drywall sheet face while keeping the board horizontal. Spread beads to create a thin, relatively even damping layer covering approximately 70% of the sheet surface area. Leave a 2-3” perimeter border clean around all edges.

Typical application rate is 1-2 tubes per 4’x8’ sheet. Using 2 tubes per sheet yields over 95% coverage for maximum possible sound dampening from the viscoelastic layer. However, even 70% coverage from 1 tube provides exceptional noise-blocking improvements.

Don’t worry about precise measurements or perfectly consistent thickness when spreading Green Glue beads – slight variations in application pattern or depth into the 0.2mm-2mm range do not negatively impact end performance.

Second Layer Installation

Carefully lift and align the second drywall sheet over the first layer coated with Green Glue. Avoid sliding it into place horizontally to prevent smearing the damping compound beads underneath. Before the Green Glue dries, press the entire surface firmly starting from one side to the other to sandwich and spread the beads into an even damping layer averaging ~0.5mm thickness.

Fasten perimeter and interior drywall screws at standard 16” interval spacing. Take care not to over-tighten and warp sheet joints. Fill any cracks or gaps with Green Glue acoustical sealant and allow the damping compound to fully cure for 14+ days to achieve optimal noise-damping properties.

Recommended Green Glue Application Techniques

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Green Glue only needs approximately 70% viscoelastic coverage spread between drywall or panel surfaces to remain highly effective. Ensuring 100% full surface contact is generally unnecessary for noise-blocking performance gains and waste materials.

As a guideline, apply 1-2 tubes of Green Glue per each 4’ x 8’ drywall sheet:

  • 1 tube (~32 oz) = covers 70% = excellent cost-effective coverage
  • 2 tubes (~64 oz) = 95%+ coverage = maximal sound transmission loss

Don’t overthink aiming for perfectly measured application density or worry about consistent bead thickness. Due to its unmatched damping capabilities, Green Glue works exceptionally well despite real-world variances in installation perfection across projects.

For enhanced results, also use Green Glue noiseproofing sealant to border any exposed wall entry points like electrical outlets, vents, windows and doors. Isolate the assembly from flanking noise paths through framing contact points using noiseproofing isolation clips installed vertically on studs.

Green Glue Noise Reduction Performance Results

Extensive acoustic testing performed in certified laboratories confirms that Green Glue viscoelastic damping compound consistently demonstrates significant noise reduction improvement between common building materials and assemblies:

Test AssemblyNoise ReductionFrequency Range
Wood Stud Wall10+ STC points Up to 12dB lower63-4000 Hz
Double DrywallSTC 56 Vs STC 45 baseline100-5000 Hz
Floor/Ceiling8.5dB average decreaseAll frequencies

STC (Sound Transmission Class) and dB (decibel) reductions quantify how much extra noise-blocking capacity is added using Green Glue damping treatments. These figures translate to a 70-80% decrease in actual sound energy transmitted.

In both controlled lab test environments and countless residential/commercial field installations, Green Glue has proven it meets and exceeds performance claims for substantially enhancing sound transmission loss using cost-effective application methods.

β€œAfter the furniture was moved, we could complete the drywall install (with Green Glue), sealing with caulk and first coat of mud in under 1 hour…Once the Green Glue dried, the rooms were really quiet.” – Professional contractor review

What Does Green Glue Noiseproofing Cost?

Green Glue noiseproofing compound typically ranges from $0.50 – $1.00 per square foot depending on the desired application density and coverage amount between layers. The overall expense of a project also includes:

  • Additional drywall sheets = $0.80 – $1.25 per square foot
  • Labour costs around $100 per installed 4’x8’ sheet
  • Acoustical caulk + supplies = $75-150 per room

For example, soundproofing a 10’ x 10’ bedroom with double drywall using 1-2 tubes of Green Glue per sheet would cost approximately $1000-$1500 in materials and professional installation fees.

Using a single tube concentration suitable for 70% coverage can significantly reduce materials cost with only a slight performance decrease from maximum damping abilities.

Compared to premium pre-dampened noise-reducing drywall panels or complex isolation mounting systems, Green Glue provides superior noise-blocking capabilities at a fraction of the investment – making it a top-value solution.

What Are the Limitations or Considerations When Using Green Glue?

While Green Glue performs exceptionally well as a viscoelastic damping compound, there are some limitations to note regarding its noiseproofing capabilities:

Adhesion and Mounting

  • It should not be used as the sole glue or adhesive between drywall layers. Mechanical screw fasteners are still required to securely mount sheets. Relying solely on Green Glue thickness and stickiness is not enough.

Installation Workmanship

  • Inadequate application methods can reduce overall noise reduction performance. Carefully following manufacturer guidelines is vital – especially in ensuring proper perimeter isolation and sealing.

Flanking Noise Containment

  • Flanking sound paths should be identified and sealed for true acoustic isolation. Green Glue only dampens noise transmission directly through a central assembly. Additional sealing and caulking are required to prevent sound leakage through framing.

Environmental Factors

Green Glue has an optimal working temperature range and open assembly time before drying and losing tackiness. Only apply when room conditions align with specified ranges.

Green Glue Sound Damping Compound FAQs

Does Green Glue need to cover the entire drywall sheet surface for noise blocking?

No. Approximately 70% bead coverage area between sheets yields most of the damping performance benefits. Small intermittent gaps are generally acceptable.

Does Green Glue have unpleasant fumes or a strong odour during application?

No. Green Glue has extremely minimal VOCs and virtually no bothersome odour compared to other construction adhesives which can be quite pungent.

Can dried Green Glue be trimmed, mudded, or painted over after completing the installation?

Yes. Once completely cured, excess dried Green Glue can be trimmed or mudded over safely. It can also be painted but may develop micro-cracking in the paint depending on the Glue layer thickness. Test on small areas first before painting an entire surface.

How long does Green Glue take to fully set and cure?

Optimal sound damping performance is achieved after allowing approximately 14 days for Green Glue to thoroughly dry and set. Do not install finishing layers until the product has cured.

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound Review – Is Investing in Green Glue Noiseproofing Worth It?

Key Benefits:

  • Unmatched noise blocking vs. other leading viscoelastic sound-damping brands
  • Extremely cost-effective solution compared to luxury pre-damped drywall
  • Straightforward and relatively easy DIY-friendly application methods

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Careful workmanship is required to maximize noise reduction performance
  • Flanking paths must be separately sealed off for true sound containment
  • Environmental curing factors impact results

Based on thorough third-party acoustic testing data and countless real-world noise isolation case studies, Green Glue provides unrivalled decibel sound transmission loss improvements between common building materials and assemblies.

We strongly recommend Green Glue noiseproofing compound as a performant and affordable solution to enhance any residential or commercial soundproofing project. It frequently exceeds performance claims when properly implemented as part of a comprehensive sound treatment strategy.

Where to Purchase Green Glue Soundproofing Products

Green Glue branded noiseproofing compounds, clips, sealants and tapes are primarily available through major home improvement retailers. Acoustic and soundproofing speciality suppliers also carry the full line.

Product Size Options:

  • Tubes: 12 oz (covers 16 sq. ft), 28 oz (covers 32 sq. ft)
  • Case packs: (4) 28 oz tubes, (2) 28 oz tubes

When purchasing, carefully compare prices between authorized dealers online. Verify that any resellers are approved to retail legitimate Green Glue system components.

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