Quietest Garbage Disposal: Top 5 Silent Models for Your Home

We’re glad you joined us to learn about the Quietest Garbage Disposals of 2023. Garbage disposals are important, but they can be very loud and bothersome. Luckily, companies now make quieter models that work just as well.

In this article, we picked the top 5 quiet garbage disposals of 2023. We’ll discuss in detail about these parts like how it works, and what people say about it. Quiet garbage disposals can get clogged, just like loud ones. What goes in and how much, plus how strong your tubes are, will decide if they work well.

To avoid clogs, don’t put in tough or stringy things like bones or celery. Use cold water when you run the disposal to help wash away the waste.

So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect quiet garbage disposal for your kitchen!

quietest garbage disposal decibel level – top picks

Garbage Disposal ModelUnique FeaturesNoise Reduction LevelDecibel Level
InSinkErator Evolution ExcelMultiGrind technology, SoundSeal technology, Auto-Reverse Grind SystemUltra-quiet60 dB
Waste King L-8000High-speed motor, stainless steel impellers, EZ Mount SystemQuiet60 dB
Moen GX50CVortex motor, SoundSHIELD insulation, pre-installed power cordQuiet50 dB
Insinkerator Evolution Septic AssistBio-Charge injection technology, SoundSeal technologyUltra-quiet40 dB
Waste Maid 458Bio-Shield antimicrobial protection, torque master grinding systemQuiet60 dB

Why Choose a Quiet Garbage Disposal

Garbage helpers make sure your kitchen is clean. They gobble up food waste like a hungry hippo! But some of them are very noisy, which can be bothering.

Luckily, there are new garbage helpers that are super quiet and won’t make any noise at all! That way, your kitchen can stay peaceful and calm.

Consider these reasons for selecting quiet garbage disposal:

  • Quieter garbage disposals make less noise than regular ones. That means they don’t bother people as much, especially if you have neighbours close by or a sleeping child.
  • Plus, they can help you get rid of food scraps without making you stressed out about the noise. This makes your home a more peaceful place to be.
  • But that’s not all! Quieter garbage disposals can also make a big difference to the environment. When you use them, you throw away less food.
  • That’s great for Earth because it means less trash in the landfill, which can help stop pollution and bad air.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a best quietest garbage disposal

Image of a kitchen's quietest garbage disposal unit standing on a table, with pipes and cords attached, ready for installation.

Noise level

Pick quiet garbage disposals by checking how loud they are. We measure loudness in decibels (dB). lower the number of dB, the quieter it is. So, look for garbage disposals with 60 dB or less to find the quietest one.

Motor type

Garbage chompers have two kinds of motors: induction motors and permanent magnet motors. Induction motors are best for tough jobs because they are strong and last a long time. They are also not very expensive.

Permanent magnet motors are good if you have a small house because they are tiny and don’t weigh much. They don’t need lot of power, so they are not costly.

Both motors can be made to be quiet, but permanent magnet motors are usually quieter because they are small and don’t have many parts that move. They’re great for folks who like their garbage chomper to be super quiet.

Sound insulation

To pick a quiet garbage disposal for your home, you need to think about how to stop the noise. Even the best ones can make a lot of noise without help. Insulation is what stops the sound made by the motor and grinds up the food.

Insulation can be things like padding or a special covering, and it can use materials like rubber or fibreglass.

If you want a quiet garbage disposal, check how thick the coverage is and what it’s made of. Some models have even more ways to stop noise, like special mounts or places inside that block sound.

Remember these things when you pick your garbage disposal, so you can have a quiet and peaceful kitchen.

Size and power

How much food you can toss away depends on the size of the disposal. If you have a big family or party lots, get a larger one. Big disposals can handle more waste, so you won’t have to empty it as much. they may take up more space.

Next, let’s talk about how strong the disposal is. We measure strength in horsepower (HP). The higher the horsepower, the better the disposal grinds up food waste.

Tough foods, like bones and veggies, won’t be a problem for powerful disposal. However, a stronger disposal might cost more money and need more fixing.

Top 10 Quietest Garbage Disposals of 2023

Top 10 Quietest Garbage Disposals of 2023

1. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed

Meet the InSinkErator Garbage Disposal, Evolution Excel, 1.0 HP Continuous Feed. It’s the quietest and strongest food waste disposal out there!

It’s got fancy stuff like SoundSeal Technology to make it quiet and a super strong motor. It works well and lasts a long while.

It’s made with special metal parts that won’t leak, and it can handle even the toughest food scraps. Plus, lots of people trust this brand more than any other.

Installing it is easy with the Quick Lock mount, and it grinds up food waste so well that clogs and jams won’t happen anymore.

With InSinkErator, cleaning up after meals is quick, easy, and peaceful.


  1. Quiet & Powerful
  2. Durable Components
  3. 3-Stage Multigrind Technology
  4. Jam Assist
  5. America’s #1 Disposer Brand
  6. Full Line of Models
  7. Faster, Cleaner, Smarter
  8. Easy Swap Installation
  9. Upgrade Your Kitchen to Quiet
  10. Tough Food Waste Solution

pros and cons

Quietest disposal on marketExpensive
Durable stainless steel componentsLarge and heavy
1 hp Dura-Drive Induction MotorProfessional installation recommended
LeakGuard LinerNo power cord included
3-Stage Multigrind Technology with jam assistMay require additional plumbing
Easy Swap Installation
MultiGrind technology reduces food waste
Whisper-Quiet Performance

2. Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

My new kitchen sink has a cool machine called the Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal with Power Cord (L-8000). It’s really fast and strong, so it can easily chop up food waste without getting stuck. This means it saves time when cleaning up the kitchen!

The Waste King L-8000 has special parts that are made of strong stainless steel, so it can last a long time. It’s a breeze to set up with its twisty-locky style. it comes with a power cord for an easy plug-in.

Cleaning the disposal is easy because it has a removable splash guard that catches things that fall in. And there’s a special button that turns off the machine if it gets stuck.

The Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal is a great machine for any kitchen sink. It’s tiny, so it won’t use up lots of room, and it comes with a promise that lasts and lasts.

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  1. High-speed 1 HP motor
  2. Easy installation and cleaning
  3. Lifetime Limited In-Home Warranty
  4. Pre-installed power cord
  5. All stainless steel grind components
  6. Continuous feed disposal
  7. Energy-efficient
  8. Space-saving design
  9. Safe for septic systems
  10. Manual reset button

pros and cons

High-speed motorLoud noise
Easy installation/cleaningLarge size may not fit all sinks
Lifetime warrantyNoisy vibration
Pre-installed power cordHeavy weight
All stainless steel grind

3. Moen Prep Series 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Looking for a powerful, quiet garbage disposal? Look no further than the Moen GX50C Prep Series. It’s perfect for people who need help cleaning up after making meals.

This disposal is super strong and can grind up all kinds of food scraps fast. And it hardly ever gets stuck!

The best part? It’s super quiet! No loud noises when you use it. This cool garbage machine is strong and kind to Earth. It helps keep food waste out of landfills.

If you want one that’s great for Earth, pick Moen GX50C Prep Series. It’s special and comes with a guarantee, too!


  1. Powerful Grinding
  2. Noise Reduction
  3. Simple Swap
  4. Septic Safe
  5. Reduce Waste
  6. Built to Last
  7. Continuous Feed Technology
  8. Vortex Motor
  9. Easy Installation
  10. Choose the Perfect Garbage Disposal based on your Lifestyle

pros and cons

Powerful grindingNot suitable for heavy-duty use
Noise reduction technologyMay require professional installation
Simple to installLimited warranty
Compact design frees up valuable space
Safe for use with septic tanks
Environmentally friendly option
Continuous feed technology
Vortex motor reduces jamming
Pre-installed power cord
Quiet Operation With SoundSHIELD

4. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposal

The InSinkErator garbage disposal is a great thing to have in your home if you have a septic system. It can break down food waste into small pieces.

It’s really quiet, too, because of something called SoundSeal. The InSinkErator garbage disposal is super strong and can handle even tough food scraps.

InSinkErator is the best brand in America for garbage disposals and they have lots of different ones to choose from.

Installing it is easy with something called Quick Lock. The Evolution disposal is quiet and can handle even the toughest food scraps, like melon rinds and chicken bones.


  1. Septic System Friendly
  2. Bio-Charge Injection
  3. SoundSeal Technology
  4. 3/4 HP Dura-Drive Motor
  5. 2-Stage Multigrind Technology
  6. Quick Lock Mount
  7. Whisper-Quiet Performance
  8. Effective Grinding of Tough Food Waste
  9. Fewer Clogs and Jams
  10. Easy Kitchen Cleanup

pros and cons

Septic-friendly with Bio-ChargeMay be expensive for some
Quiet with SoundSeal TechnologyCan be heavy for some
Durable 3/4 hp Dura-Drive Induction MotorLarge sizes may not fit in all kitchens
2-Stage Multigrind Technology for tough scraps
Easy Swap Installation with Quick Lock mount
InSinkErator Is America’s #1 Disposer Brand

5. Waste Maid 10-US-WM-458-3B Garbage Disposal

This kitchen gadget is strong and dependable. It’s called the Waste Maid Garbage Disposal. It can take care of all your food scraps.

The motor inside is very powerful, and it can quickly cut through waste. It’s also designed to run smoothly and quietly.

You can keep putting food in the disposal while it’s working. Just make sure to run water too.

It’s easy to put in your kitchen. You can use the same spot where your old garbage disposal was.

The Waste Maid Garbage Disposal also has some extra things, like a cord you can plug in, a stopper to block the drain, and a splash guard to keep things clean.

This thing lasts long, so you don’t gotta fret about it breaking. And if it does, there’s a 10-year warranty to fix it!


  1. 3/4 HP motor
  2. Anti-jam Torque Master system
  3. Continuous feed operation
  4. Easy 3-bolt mounting
  5. Attached power cord
  6. Removable splash guard
  7. Stainless steel armature shaft
  8. Laser-sharp cutting ring
  9. Sound insulation for quieter operation
  10. 10-year warranty

pros and cons

Powerful motorMay not fit all sink types
Anti-jam technologyNoisy operation
Continuous feedRelatively expensive
Easy 3-bolt mountingMay require professional installation
Included accessoriesLarge size

A step-by-step guide to installing a quiet garbage disposal

A silent garbage disposal can help your kitchen a lot. It makes less noise and cleaning up is easier. This is a good thing to get for your kitchen.

a step-by-step guide:

  • Get your tools and things like a screwdriver, pliers, putty knife, and the new stuff you need.
  • Stop the power going to your kitchen by turning off the right switch in the panel.
  • Take away the old garbage disposal and the things that hold it. Use the pliers to disconnect the drain trap and other things, and take the disposal out.
  • Put in the new things that hold the disposal by placing them into the sink’s hole and using a screwdriver to tighten the screws.
  • Put the disposal unit onto the new things that hold it by matching the tabs and slots and turning them to fit.
  • Connect the drain trap and pipe to the disposal unit, and use nuts and bolts to hold everything tight.
  • Put the wires into the disposal unit by following the instructions that came with it.
  • Turn the power back on and see if the disposal is working as it should.
  • Use a putty knife to put the plumber’s putty around the drain and sink opening. Then, use a screwdriver to make everything tight.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the best quiet garbage disposal in your kitchen. Enjoy a quieter and more efficient kitchen experience.

FAQs for Quietest Garbage Disposal

why is garbage disposal so noisy?

garbage disposal makes loud noise when eating because they have strong motors and sharp knives that chew up food. Chewing up food makes a lot of noise and shaking. The motor spins and bumps into other parts of the trash muncher, like the chewer chamber and blades, making more noise.

is the waste king better than the InSinkErator?

Waste King and InSinkErator make good garbage disposals. Some work better than others depending on what you need. Check out the kinds and hear what folks think, then choose which one to get.


Get a quiet garbage disposal for your kitchen! This will improve your life. It doesn’t make much noise. We looked at many types, and they all keep things very hush-hush.

Some are strong, some can hold a lot of stuff, and some are easy to put in your kitchen. Think hard about noise, motor, and soundproofing before picking one.

We hope this helps you find the perfect quiet garbage disposal for your home. Then you can have a peaceful kitchen without all that loud noise!

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