How to Deal with Upstairs Neighbors Stomping: Tips and Tricks

No matter where you live, in a house or a mansion, you will find neighbours everywhere and some create a lot of noise.

You cannot remove the neighbor from your life, it doesn’t matter what is your relationship with the neighbours, you will always hear noise, and if a neighbor is living on the floor above you, then you will face more problems.

how to deal with upstairs neighbors stomping‘ The purpose of writing an article on this topic is that the problems I have gone through, maybe someone else is trapped in these problems, so I can get them out of these problems.

According to research by The National Apartment Association, 25% of renters have had problems with noisy neighbours in about a year. During this time many tenants have changed many houses. But this problem persists.

I am sure that there will be some such neighbours around you too, from whom you would get to hear a lot of noise if I say so, it is all around me.

There are very few neighbors who take care of you, but if your neighbor is sensible, he will help you find a way to reduce your pain together. If there are such neighbors next to your house, then you should understand them and work together.

If your neighbor is as obstinate as mine, you don’t need to fight. You just think about yourself that how can I prevent this sore from coming, but we have made this work easy too,

how do you have to work, you can know with the help of the article, we have given 8 different methods in this article. has been explained in detail. With its help, you can deal with neighbours’ noise.

I know what you must be thinking about taking revenge but don’t worry, we have come up with 6 ways for you to take your revenge.

According to “Gallup News”, more than 56% of Americans have started working from their homes during the lockdown and after the lockdown And 25% always have to work from home.

Microsoft has given many of its employees the to work from home.

8 methods To how to deal with upstairs neighbours stomping

We have tried our best to solve your problems in a very easy way and you can get rid of the neighbours around you. Yes, you must see it once.

I hope that this premium guide of mine will be useful to you and I am sure of my good intentions.

1. Talk to your upstairs neighbours and sort things out

I think this is the easiest and most difficult way, in this way, you meet your neighbor and talk to him about your problem and how your noise is negatively impacting your work and life. More and more you explain your problem and how upset you are.

You ask them whether there is any problem in your life so that they can reduce the amount of noise. Believe me, if he is a good neighbor, he will listen to what you say and try to reduce your stress and you will not have to worry again.

The relationship is very important in the world, if you feel that your neighbor should not feel bad, then first write a friendly note and then explain your problem below, you will not hesitate to say it and your neighbor will not feel bad.

I have full faith that your neighbor may feel bad but if your neighbor will think deeply about your problems then he will find some solution. If you do not want to do all this then we have other methods for you.

2. settlement with your neighbor

Now you have to talk to your neighbor and explain to them what kind of problem you have. Unsurprisingly, neighbors will ask you “How do I stop making a noise all the time”.

This is true in this whether it is you or your neighbor, you cannot stop making noise, you can hear noise from somewhere. Tiredness can happen in many ways like an exercise routine, watching TV, playing music etc. How does he manage all these things?

When someone starts exercising or watching TV, he does not think that my neighbor may not hear my noise. All this takes hours. Don’t forget to ask for some favours in return when you talk about it.

It is the custom of the world that no one does any work for others without any benefit or without getting anything. This benefits both of you if your neighbor agrees then you will get enough hours to sleep and refresh your mind and in return, your neighbor will also get something from you.

Due to this, there will be no conflict between the two and there will be no problem either.

3. tolerate the noise of your neighbours

Most neighbours are unwilling to change their regular hours for two reasons: first, they don’t want to change it, and second, they can’t.

If his time is fixed then you can’t do anything because believe if he is a musician then definitely he will have some time to practice that’s why you can’t do anything and he can’t change his time you have to bear it.

How can you also change your working hours? You will not like to do this either.

If you and your neighbor have the same working time then you don’t need to worry we have found a good solution for you that can help you. You can use noise-cancelling headphones while working which will block out every outside noise and let you do your work smoothly.

You must be feeling that then headphones, yes headphones will save you from outside noise and will help you to work comfortably. You must be thinking that what kind of headphones should we buy, active or passive headphones.

If you can’t change your working hours, you’ll have to get headphones.

Let me explain what is active and passive headphones

Every noise-cancelling headphone is a passive headphone whether they are made of foam or plastic. It uses insulation to completely cover your ear, which helps a lot in blocking out outside sounds.

Now you know how loud your neighbor produces noise, passive headphones can stop 15 to 20 decibels of noise, if you feel that you generate more noise than this, then do not take these headphones. It will not prove effective for you.

Active headphones may be better for you and they tend to be of slightly better quality than passive headphones. It has additional insulation mechanisms that can prevent noise generated by your neighbours from reaching your ears.

How do active headphones work? It starts generating its sound waves to block or reduce outside noise, I have tried it and it works very well. it may work for you

4. Soundproof Your Working Space Or Apartment

How can you sleep when your upstairs neighbours are making noise at night, I know you won’t sleep, you won’t be able to handle it.

You cannot sleep for a day or any other day, that is why you need to soundproof your house.

If you make only the roof of your house soundproof, then you will not get much benefit because sound waves are an independent thing, so you will stop them from coming from the roof but they can also come from the walls and floor.

If you want to avoid noise completely, then you have to soundproof the entire apartment and house. I know it’s very expensive but you have no choice because you can use headphones for yourself alone but for your family, you have to soundproof the whole house, this is a very good way.

  • The first way to soundproof is to use soundproofing paint. Use this before using anything else. Maybe you don’t know about it. You can also use it to block outside noise. One may be the cheaper option for you.
  • Check your doors and windows if they have cracks, if there are cracks, use acoustical sealant to seal those cracks and fill them so that outside noise doesn’t come inside the house. This sealant plays an important role in soundproofing.
  • Use acoustical panels on the ceiling and walls to block out outside noise so that you can avoid the noise of your neighbours. You can have so much confidence in it that it prevents and reduces outside noise from entering your home. Its installation is easy.
  • You can make your windows soundproof by using soundproof curtains. This is not a permanent method, it just reduces the level of outside noise, you can try other methods.
  • In the end, you should pay attention to the soundproofing of the door of your house, in this, you can also use soundproofing blankets. After soundproofing, the noise of the neighbor coming into the house will be reduced.

5. Complain To The Management

After adopting all these methods, if you still have not found any permanent solution, then you will have to talk to the management again, this can be a better option for you.

If your problem is not being solved, then involve the management and tell them your problems so that the management can find some solution. You tell the management that you are working from your home and you have to face the pain.

If you live in a rented house, you can complain to your landlord and ask your neighbor to take care of it.

This only makes your work easier but there can be a fight or quarrel between you and your neighbor. Due to this, there can be a rift between the two.

The landlord will do your work but will make your neighbor angry. This can also be an easy way for you.

6. Call the police and warn them

This is the beginning of a big war between you and your neighbor. If you’ve tried everything and your neighbor isn’t giving up, then the noise is louder than ever. In this, you call your local police and explain your problem to them.

You trust the police and ask them to explain to your neighbors to reduce the noise so that you can do your work.

If they don’t stop making noise even after the warning from the police, then you call the police again and ask them to explain with a fine this time. I am sure that after hearing the name Fine, he will definitely improve.

If your neighbor is a good and family person, then he will be a little scared of the police talk and will be careful again.

When you feel that yes my neighbor has improved now, then you start doing your work and sleep peacefully after work.

This is how you can stop your obstinate neighbours from making noise

7. take legal action against the neighbor

According to, if your neighbor is making too much noise and is not agreeing despite your refusal, then you can take legal action against your neighbor in court, this right has been given to you by the government.

You can get your point convinced through the court. This could also result in your neighbor being charged a fee of perhaps $2500 to $7500.

Generally, you can sue your neighbor in 2 different ways, first, you can take money in lieu of your loss, for this you can file a case in a small court and second, you can directly sue in civil court and judge You can get your problems resolved by standing in front of them.

You know when it comes to the court, how important is the proof, that’s why before filing a case in the court, collect some such evidence which will help you a lot in winning the case and you can prove that your neighbor above you Has troubled

It will be very easy for you to collect evidence, you have to record video or audio as evidence. Note that your neighbor should not even get a clue while recording.

You have to keep one thing in mind the evidence should be convincing, when the neighbours start making noise then only you have to record yourself.

If you only want to take money for your loss, then just start recording the voices of the neighbours, as soon as you feel that this is solid proof, at the same time file a case against the neighbor above you and win.

8. find another rental home

If you have tried all the methods and nothing is working out, then you have no other option but to leave your rented house. Talk to your landlord, pay off his loan, if any, and later find a place where you won’t find anyone bothering you.

Be sure to keep in mind that you may not get the same neighbours as you did in the previous place.

If you are the owner of that house or apartment, then what should you do? You don’t need to leave the house, you should explain peacefully to your neighbor that you are suffering from their noise, if you agree then it is fine, otherwise, you should take strict legal action against them.

No matter where you go, you’re bound to find some of these louder monsters. What do you do? It’s very easy to rate a new apartment.

How can you appraise your new apartment?

In order to find a good apartment, we have come up with some of the qualities that a good apartment has. Things to keep in mind before you move into a new apartment, I won’t let you down.

  • Ask your builder whether he has followed STC and IIC design norms for noise reduction.
  • Once you check how much sound transmission occurs in the entire apartment, and also check the walls and ceiling to see if the sound of the neighbours above is coming.
  • The best way is to ask your friend to blow on the top floor so that you will know whether the ceiling is really capable of absorbing sound or not.
  • You don’t have to leave the doors completely, check thoroughly whether the doors are capable of blocking outside noise or not. you should be more careful with this.
  • Check if the surface of the apartment is hard, if so, this is not a good option as a hard surface increases sound transmission. Here you have to use a soft surface mat for less sound transmission.
  • Analyze the apartment thoroughly, paying more attention to those that will cause you problems in the future.
  • If possible, choose the highest floor of the apartment, above that, you will not find anyone.

This may be costly for you, that’s why we have found 8 ways for you how to deal with upstairs neighbours stomping.

How to take revenge on your upstairs neighbors

You may not be able to do your work properly because your pain, sleep, work, peace, and happiness have all been ruined by your upper neighbor but now the time has come to take revenge.

Now he’ll pay for everything he’s done to you, piss off the neighbors upstairs. These are some of the methods that you have to follow to disturb the upstairs neighbors, so that the neighbors know how much you bother them because of them.

  • The most normal and good way is to play the guitar in your room, bark at your dog, watch TV loudly, dance party at midnight, loudspeakers. These are normal methods.
  • Played boring games in your home, remember the time when they were making your life miserable by playing? Now it’s your time to play the game that annoys your neighbors
  • You start painting your neighbors and apartment doors with some dirty colour, pay attention that no one should see you, otherwise you can be sued. You can take your revenge by dirtying the neighbor’s door, and using very scary colours.
  • To annoy the neighbor, apply Vaseline gel to the handle of the neighbor’s door, this will irritate your neighbour and start searching for who did it, but beware of hidden rooms.
  • Did you used to hear the sound of your neighbor’s feet like an elephant, do you want to hear the sound of your steps to the neighbour. So you use a vibrator in the ceiling, it will create vibration and the voice of the neighbour will be heard only by the neighbor.
  • The most annoying way is to knock on your neighbor’s again and again at night, morning and evening without any work. your upstairs neighbour will be upset

This video will explain to you how you have to disturb your neighbour too much, you have to take care of some precautions, otherwise, you can get stuck in a dirty way, so be careful.

FAQs: how to deal with upstairs neighbors stomping

I Know How Difficult It Is To Work With Noise Because You Cannot Concentrate On The Work At That Time. That’s Why Many Tenants Have A Lot Of Problems And They Have Many Questions In Their Minds, We Have Tried To Answer Some Of Those Questions.

Can soundproof the ceiling to stop the noise from the neighbors above

Yes, you can stop the neighbor’s noise coming from above by soundproofing the ceiling. While soundproofing the ceiling may cost you $1000’s it may be too much for you.

Can I lodge a complaint if my upstairs neighbor is excessively noisy?

If you feel that your neighbor is making excessive noise, then you can sue him and get your point made by the judge.

what if I do wrong to my upstairs neighbor

If you do wrong with your upstairs neighbor, many things may happen to you, the neighbor may get angry and bang the floor in anger and disturb you or may call the police and complain about you. You should try to live in harmony with your neighbor, because of this you will not have any problem.

conclusion for how to deal with upstairs neighbors stomping

You must know that a spoiled neighbor disturbs not only you but many people, he ruins a lot. I have suffered a lot before because of my neighbor but now I am free, how?

I live in the same apartment but I have shifted to the top floor after telling the landlord, there is no one to make noise. Now I have got rid of all the noise.

It is possible that your neighbor is doing all this intentionally, that is why we have given good remedies like the above which will help in removing the sore coming from above. And I have also told you how you can take revenge on your neighbor by making noise, you will feel satisfied with it.

Remember that you have to use all these methods with care, otherwise, your situation will explode and the fight can become a situation of quarrel.

You can also do this without fighting, just you have to make your apartment soundproof if you have some money.

If you still have any doubts or you have queries, then you can comment to me, I will try my best to solve your problem and reply back.

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