how to make a door draft stopper to stop door slamming: 8 steps

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Is there a gap under the door of your house and from there a lot of garbage and cold air comes from inside your house in the winter season, then it can become a problem for you? Even the windows of your house have gaps through which cold air comes.

Keeping in mind your comfort, we have given some ways in this article “how to make a door draft stopper,” with the help of which you can make a DIY draft stopper yourself with few materials at your home, without any help.

You know them by other names like door snake, draft guard, draft blocker, breeze blocker and door or window draft stopper. The draft stopper will prevent drafts from entering your house and the dirt from outside.

Another advantage of this can be door slamming, when you slam the door it makes the sound of the plate, and it works to absorb that sound. It is also a sound absorber

If you want to make a good draft blocker for the doors or windows of your house, then you do not have to do anything, just follow our given instructions carefully.

You will find ready-made draft blockers in the market, they are also very good for your doors and windows, and they are made of very good material, but you can customize your hand-made draft blockers as per your wish.

This question will also be flying into your mind how can we save our door from slamming, don’t worry click here.

It is like a tube. They are made of cloth and filled with insulating material. You can find them placed under doors and windows. This can be a good project for you to make a draft stopper with your own hands. You can make it within an hour. If you are ready to make it, then read our guide carefully.

You can fill the gap between the door and the floor, and stop the cold air and dirt coming from outside and it helps to make your home warmer. You make it slightly wider while making it, it will fill all your gaps and stop the wind and keep the house warm.

what is needed to make a door draft stopper?

To make this you will need many things which are easily available in your house. You use these things daily in your house, these things are:

  • Medium-weight fabric (It depends on the size of the doors and windows of your house.)
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • sewing machine, thread
  • straight pin
  • insulating material
  • uncooked rice

Whatever material and small equipment we have told you, you have to collect it yourself, then we have told step by step how you have to work. You do not need to be a master in this, even if you are making it for the first time, it will be made very well.

Step 1. measure doors and windows

Measure your window or door

Take the correct measurement of the window and door for which you want to make a DIY door draft stopper, DIY door draft stopper will be accurate by taking measurements. Make sure that you have taken the measurements of the doors and windows correctly, this is one of the main factors that you will have to do.

Step 2. cut the cloth

cut the cloth

Clothing can be made of any material. It doesn’t matter how wide the fabric is, although 26 inches is for us. According to the width of the door and window, increase the cloth by 4-4 inches on both sides. Cut the cloth 7-9 inches long. You now have a long rectangle of fabric.

Step 3. fold the cloth in half

fold the cloth in half

Fold the cut cloth from the middle so that the long edges are touching each other, after folding, join the edges with the help of some straight pins. Remember that when folding the fabric the edges should meet each other.

Step 4. sew on clothes

sew on clothes

You have to sew from the same side that you pinned, but you don’t have to sew the whole cloth, will leave it on one side. Sew only the long edges. You can also use your hands, but if you want to use a machine, this is also a good option.

step 5. make the fabric into a tube shape

make the fabric into a tube shape

You must have come to know in which way you have to stitch. Make the cloth like a tube by sewing it from 3 sides.

step 6. fill with insulation

fill with insulation

Begin by filling the fabric tube with the insulating material. If you do not have insulation, you can also use beans, sand, raw rice or kitty litter instead.
You should not fill powder in it, stay away from powder, because it will fly and also become dirty. We used Insulate in our Door Draft Stopper.

You can take someone’s help while filling the insulation in the Door Draft Stopper, otherwise, it will fly all over. Keep in mind that while filling, do not fill too much, if there is some flexibility then it will be good. Everyone’s choice may be different, some fill rice, some others.

step 7. close the remaining edge

close the remaining edge

We had forbidden you to stitch the corner on one side, now it is your turn to stitch the remaining corner. Remember that the insulating material should not come out while sewing. We had made you increase 4-4 inches on both sides, you fold the increased cloth inside and stitch it so that it looks very good.

step 8. put a draft stopper on your door or window

put a draft stopper on your door or window

Hooray, you finally made a Door Draft Stopper! Now is the time to use it on your doors and windows. Try it on and check how it looks. You will know very well how to apply it.

FAQs: how to make a door draft stopper

We have tried our best so that you should not face any problems while making a door draft stopper. But we know that there will definitely be some questions in everyone’s mind, and we have brought answers to some common questions in them.

can we make a door draft stopper at home?

Yes, you can easily make door draft stoppers at your home, you do not need any special skill to make them.

what are the materials used to make a door draft stopper?

The tools used in this are not special, these materials will be easily found in your house. Here is the list of materials:
measuring tape
sewing machine, thread
straight pin
insulating material
uncooked rice, insulation or foams.

what material is filled in a door draft stopper?

You can use many materials to make a door draft stopper such as beans, sand, raw rice or kitty litter instead. remember you don’t have to use powder

Can we provide any design for the door draft stopper?

Yes, you can give any design to a door stopper, you can make it of a dog, cat, or any other animal.


A door draft stopper can help you in many ways, such as blocking outside noise, blocking cold and hot air, etc. We have told you in this article how you can make a door draft stopper at home. Hope you like our method mentioned very much. We have tried to explain in a simple and clear manner from our side.

If you still have any problems making the stopper, then you can tell us in the comment section below, and we will try our best to solve your problems.

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