how to stop door from slamming when closing: 8 easy methods

The door is the main part of the house, but sometimes it does not work well for us and you, working means if you have children or pets playing in the house and hit the corner of the door, it is very Only a serious accident can happen. If the door of your house is closing automatically again and again then it is a big problem.

That’s why we have brought many answers related to this question in this article on how to stop door from slamming when closing,” which can make your home safe and can also save you from accidents.

You will be blown away by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System report, according to which more than 17,000 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms for door-related injuries in 2015.

These incidents happen a lot, it is a common thing to be said, but these incidents can cause huge injuries. These accidents are more likely to happen when you close the door while someone else was holding it open or if the door is pushed too hard and it opens back up too quickly. This means you have to take special care while closing the door.

How To Stop A Door From Closing and opening by itself, which one is good for you? To prevent the door from closing, we have come up with some effective solutions for you. Which one works well and in what way? You will understand after reading the whole article

We have given 8 simple ways in this, you just have to read the article completely by doing a little hard work. It will be of great help to you

when it is closed. You have been explained the reason why your door may have been locked in the first place.

Why do some doors close for no reason

The door means that once closed, it does not open automatically until it is opened, doors are designed for this. However, there are many such doors that close without any reason. They are annoying and even dangerous, as they can damage nearby property. be careful with this

There can be many reasons for this, one may also be that the door of your house is not balanced properly.

If the door is heavy on one side, it may close too quickly. Or the door hinges may be loose or damaged.

If there is a problem with a door slamming shut, then it is very important to investigate it, so it does not cause any problems for you. For this, you will get answers to all your questions which are complete.

You must adopt those methods that prevent accidents in your home and keep your children safe. Do not consider these problems small, small but very painful. If you have these problems in your house, then you should consider these problems once and find solutions to them. Take care of yourself and check the remedy

how to stop door from slamming when closing: handle doors

how to stop door from slamming when closing: 8 easy methods

Soundproofing the door is a must as it can restore peace in your home by preventing outside noises from entering. If you are a person who slams doors then this might be difficult for you, but don’t worry we have come up with some effective ways to slam-proof your doors.

step 1: use rubber around the handle

This can be a cheap and durable way for you, you put rubber around the handle and extend it to the top of the door. The rubber will keep your door quiet.

This will make the door of your house slam proof, and will also prevent noise. Rubber is a material that presses lightly when you close the door with force, then the door gets pressed into the frame.

If you don’t get good results, you can add more layers of rubber, but try not to tighten the shutter too much, it can damage your door.

Don’t loosen the rubber too much because if the rubber is loose the door will still make a noise and it may not close properly. That’s why there is no need to work harder when you feel right

step 2: Add Weather Stripping to the Bottom of the Door

Weatherstripping To The Bottom Of The Door

Weatherstripping is used to fill the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. It can also prevent your door from closing and outside noise will not enter your home.

The advantage of this is that the weatherstripping can be cut to the size of the door, and it can be glued to the bottom of the door. It is even better if it is lined as this will form the door seal when it closes.

Check the door frequently to see if the door closes properly. If it isn’t you may need to add additional weatherstripping or use an adhesive. Because it is still necessary to completely close the door.

step 3: Felt pads to stop doors from slamming

Felt Pads To Stop Doors Slamming

Door pads are usually made of rubber and some also come with adhesive. These are pasted into the door frame, when you close the door, the door hits the door pad and reduces the sound.

You don’t need any special skills to use it, all you need is free adhesive and door pads. It also works with drafts. You will need about three or four pads to do this effectively.

Attach these door pads to the top corners of the door frame. Once a door pad is installed, the chances of your door being locked will be greatly reduced. Just remember to space the door pads away from the corners.

step 4: put a rug in front of the door

put a rug in front of the door

Rugs and doormats will absorb the sound of your door slamming, rugs and doormats are also designed to absorb sound, another advantage of them is that they also protect the floor from dirt.

Their softness is beneficial to you as they trap dirt and absorb noise generated by the door.

While taking them, note that they should be thick and made of good material. Heavy-duty doormats work well. Note that the closer it is to the door, the better the result.

You should make the rugs and doormats longer so that they can absorb the noise easily.

step 5: Put Up A “Do Not Slam” Sign

You can forbid people not to slam the door by putting a “Do Not Slam” sign above the door. When someone will open this door, he will read this board before opening it and will open the door comfortably while opening it.

By this rule, everyone will know which way you are pointing them. This will reduce the chances of slamming the door.

If someone doesn’t follow it, it will be your children and pets. So you can put speakers outside the door for this. The speaker will play a loud sound and startle the person slamming the door so that they will not make the mistake again.

You can put the speaker on a timer so that you will not have to listen to unnecessary noise. The speaker will make a noise for a few seconds and turn off automatically.

This will send a message to your kids and pets, but the opposite can happen, maybe kids will enjoy opening and closing the door over and over again.

step 6: Install anti-slam door hinges and strips

Install anti slam door hinges and strips

Anti-slam door hinges and strips are tools that prevent doors from slamming shut. These are installed on the door and frame, they work by cushioning. It also prevents closing and keeps the door quiet.

If you forget to close the door, the spring-loaded hinge will lock your door, opening slightly so it doesn’t close all the way. The easy way is you should have anti-slam hinges and straps.

This will prevent the door from slamming and reduce noise. This will create difficulties in closing the door. However, keep in mind that this will not completely eliminate the noise, it will only reduce it so that it does not hurt your ears.

step 7: use Automatic Door Closer

Attach Automatic Door Closer

It is a tool that automatically closes the door slowly. It is installed on the door. It is available in a variety of types, including spring-loaded, pneumatic and hydraulic door closers.

The most common type is the spring-loaded door closer, which is effective in closing the door slowly. Hydraulic door closers use oil to close the doors. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages but all of them are preferred.

A spring-loaded door closer may be a good fit for you because it’s easy to install and doesn’t require any special tools. this may be a good way for you

step 8: Place The Finger Pinch Guards

Place The Finger Pinch Guards

Finger Pinch Guard This is a great device that is put on the door hinges to prevent the door from slamming shut. If your fingers used to get pinched when the door is closing, it won’t happen now, it will save you from getting hurt.

This will help you a lot if you have kids in your house, as kids can easily get their fingers stuck on the door and get hurt, this will save your kid.

You can avoid going to an expensive hospital, even if you do not have children, it is beneficial for you. Be sure to check the size of the hinge before using them, as all door hinges are different.

Find a Finger Pinch Guard that fits your grip and matches the door.

Can we eliminate door slamming completely?

This is a common problem with slamming doors. This can be very dangerous especially if you have children in the house. But just think whether the problem of slamming doors can be completely eliminated, is it possible? I have tried my best to improve the door of your house, there are many ways which are shown above.

When you slam the door lightly, there is a tapping sound. There are many ways to reduce this sound but it cannot be completely eliminated.

Although you can greatly reduce this noise, here are some other methods you can use:

Check the doors whether are fitted properly and also check that the door closes smoothly but does not fit snugly in the frame. The main reason for this is slamming the door again and again, due to this the door becomes loose and does not sit properly in its frame, hence the door keeps on flapping.

By doing any work, you know the reason, similarly here also you have to first find out the reason that what is the problem and where is it, then you have to find a solution according to that problem.

FAQs: how to stop door from slamming when closing

Slamming the door is a common problem in most houses, the problem is common that’s why many questions will be common in your mind, you can stop your door from slamming. You don’t need to worry we have the answer.

What Are Some Common Causes Of Door Slamming?

There are many reasons for this but the most common reason is improper installation of the door. If the door is not fitted properly it can cause the door to close on its own. There are other reasons for this like loosening of hinges, door in slope etc.

How much does it cost to stop a door from slamming?

The cost of preventing doors from slamming can vary. Something as cheap or free as replacing the knob. It usually costs less than $100 to stop a door from slamming.

Can I fix my door so it won’t lock anymore?

Yes, you can stop the door from closing on your own. If your door is seriously damaged, you would be best off calling a professional.


Slamming the door is never a good thing; it can be frustrating. Especially when it is happening repeatedly, it can bother you. That’s why, keeping in mind your problems, we have brought many solutions for you which will help you. I have full hope that this will prove to be very useful for you.

If you’ve tried all the methods we’ve listed above and the problem still persists, it’s time to call a professional.

A door specialist will understand the situation better and fix it in his own way and stop slamming and going away, but it can cost a lot.

We hope that this valuable post of ours will help you a lot, if I have helped you then you can rate me in the comment section, but if you are still facing any problem, then you can directly ask me from the comment section. You can contact us, we are always available for you.

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