5 Best Patio Doors with Side Windows for Your Home

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Looking to open up your home and let more natural light in? Installing patio doors with side windows is a great way to achieve this. Not only do patio doors connect your indoor living space to the outdoors, but the addition of side windows provides even more views, sunlight, and ventilation.

Choosing the right patio door for your home is an important decision. In this article, we discuss the benefits of patio doors with side windows and provide our top picks to help you find the perfect option.

We break down the key factors to consider, including energy efficiency, design, security features, and more.

Whether you want to replace an existing patio door or are installing one in a new build or remodel, read on to learn everything you need to know to make an informed purchase.

We’ll explain what to look for when shopping and review the 5 best patio doors with side windows on the market today.

5 Best Patio Doors with Side Windows for Your Home

What Are Patio Doors with Side Windows

Installing patio doors with side windows is a great way to open up your home and let in more natural light. If you’re looking for the best patio doors with side windows, this article will guide you through the top options to consider for your home.

We’ll cover the key features, benefits, and considerations for five of the best-rated patio doors with sidelights to help you make the right choice.

#1: MP Doors 72-by-80 Inch Fiberglass Smooth White Door

MP Doors’ 72-by-80-inch fibreglass patio door is an excellent option if durability and energy efficiency are top priorities.


  • Durable fibreglass construction – The fibreglass material is highly resistant to rotting, warping, cracking, and denting. It provides long-lasting performance.
  • Energy-efficient Low-E glass – The insulated glass with Low-E coating works to reduce heat loss in winter and block heat gain in summer. This saves on energy costs.
  • Secure dual-locking system – The patio door comes with a durable multi-point lock and steel lock stile for enhanced security and peace of mind.


  • Long lifespan – The sturdy fibreglass build stands up well to weather and wear and tear over years of use.
  • Reduced energy costs – The effective insulation keeps heated and cooled air in your home, reducing energy waste.
  • Peace of mind – The secure lock system deters potential break-ins for added safety and security.

#2: Pella 150 Series 72-by-80-Inch Vinyl Sliding Door

Pella’s 150 Series sliding patio door offers an affordable and low-maintenance option for many homeowners.



  • Cost-effective – The reasonable price point makes this patio door very wallet-friendly.
  • Low-maintenance – Simple cleaning is all that’s needed to maintain the vinyl material.
  • Customizable to match your home’s style – With various design options, you can select configurations to complement your home.

#3: Andersen 70-1/2 -by- 79-1/2-Inch 200 Series White Patio Door

For those wanting a high-end patio door that offers robust construction, Anderson’s 200 series is an exceptional choice.


  • High-quality construction – It’s built from premium materials for strength and durability.
  • Superior insulation – Advanced insulating technologies deliver excellent thermal performance.
  • Durable weatherstripping – The tight weather seals prevent drafts and water infiltration.


  • Long-lasting performance – The sturdy build and tight construction ensure this door functions beautifully for years.
  • Reduced energy bills – The top-notch insulation keeps indoor air in and outdoor elements out, saving on energy costs.
  • Peace of mind knowing your home is well-protected – The weather-tight design withstands all types of weather while keeping your home secure.

#4: Jeld-Wen 72-by-80 Inch Fiberglass French Patio Door

Jeld-Wen’s fibreglass French patio door adds elegance along with energy efficiency.


  • Elegant design – The French door style features large glass panes with delicate muntins for a classic, sophisticated look.
  • Secure multi-point locking system – Multiple locks up and down the door ensure safety and security.
  • Energy-efficient Low-E glass – The insulated glass helps lower energy use for heating and cooling.


  • Adds curb appeal to your home – The beautiful French door style enhances your home’s aesthetic.
  • Provides a secure entryway – The multi-point lock system deters potential break-ins.
  • Helps to reduce energy costs – Keeping cooled/heated air saves on utility bills.

#5: Eris 96-by-80-Inch Outswing Aluminum BiFold Door

For a modern patio door that operates smoothly, consider Eris’ outswing aluminium bifold door.


  • Modern design – The bifold style and sleek aluminium frame create a contemporary look.
  • Durable aluminium construction – The aluminium is resistant to rust and decay for long-term durability.
  • Easy to operate – The bifold panels smoothly glide on ball bearing rollers making opening/closing simple.


  • Adds a touch of sophistication to your home – The modern bifold door elevates the aesthetic of any room.
  • Long-lasting performance – The aluminium material withstands the elements to last for years.
  • Convenient and easy to use – Anyone can effortlessly open or close the bifold panels.

Hopefully, this overview helps provide insight into choosing the ideal patio door with side windows for your needs! Let the ample daylight shine in with the right door.

Do patio doors have to match windows?

No, patio doors don’t have to match windows. In fact, many homeowners choose to mix and match different styles and materials to create a unique look for their home.

Here are some reasons why you might not want to match your patio doors and windows:

  • To create a more modern look. Mixing and matching different styles and materials can create a more contemporary and stylish look for your home.
  • To save money. If you’re on a budget, you may be able to save money by mixing and matching different styles and materials.
  • To express your personal style. Patio doors and windows are a great way to express your personal style. By mixing and matching different styles and materials, you can create a look that’s truly unique to you.

Can you change patio doors to French doors?

Yes, it is possible to change patio doors to French doors. However, it is a major home improvement project that should only be undertaken by a qualified contractor.

what is more secure patio doors or French doors?

French doors are generally considered to be more secure than patio doors. This is because they have a central locking point, which makes it more difficult for burglars to break in.

Patio doors, on the other hand, typically have a locking mechanism at each door panel, which can be easier to bypass.

Here are some specific reasons why French doors are more secure than patio doors:

  • They have a central locking point. This means that a burglar would need to break through the entire door frame in order to gain entry.
  • They are more difficult to pry open. French doors are typically made with stronger materials than patio doors, and they have more reinforcement around the locking mechanism.
  • They are less likely to be lifted off their tracks. Patio doors can be lifted off their tracks relatively easily, but French doors are more difficult to do this too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about patio doors with side windows:

Are Patio Doors With Side Windows Energy Efficient?

Yes, Patio Doors With Side Windows Can Be Energy Efficient. Look For Doors With Energy-Efficient Glass, Such As Double Or Triple-Pane Windows With Low-Emissivity Coatings.

What Types Of Windows Are Best For Side Windows?

The Best Type Of Window For Side Windows Will Depend On Your Specific Needs And Preferences. Some Common Options Include Fixed Windows, Casement Windows, Double-Hung Windows, Awning Windows, And Hopper Windows. Consider Factors Such As Airflow, Visibility, And Ease Of Operation When Choosing The Best Window Type For Your Patio Doors.

Are Patio Doors With Side Windows Secure?

Yes, Patio Doors With Side Windows Can Be Secure. Look For Doors With Multi-Point Locking Systems, Sturdy Frames, And Tempered Or Laminated Glass For Enhanced Security.

Can I Install Patio Doors With Side Windows By Myself?

While It Is Possible To Install Patio Doors With Side Windows By Yourself, It Is Recommended To Hire A Professional Contractor To Ensure Proper Installation. Installing Doors Can Be A Complex And Time-Consuming Process, And Mistakes Can Lead To Issues Such As Air Leaks Or Improper Operation.

How Often Do Patio Doors With Side Windows Need Maintenance?

Patio Doors With Side Windows Should Be Regularly Inspected And Maintained To Ensure Their Optimal Performance. Cleaning Can Be Done As Needed, And Weatherstripping Should Be Checked And Replaced If Worn Or Damaged.


We hope this overview of the top 5 patio doors with side windows has provided useful guidance in selecting the ideal model for your home. The right patio door can make a dramatic difference, allowing bountiful natural light to flood in while providing a beautiful connection to the outdoors.

When choosing patio doors, be sure to evaluate important factors like durability, energy efficiency, design style, security, functionality, and budget. Measure carefully and have your doors professionally installed for proper fit, sealing, and operation.

Your new patio doors with sidelights will become a favourite part of your home. You’ll enjoy the views, sunshine, fresh air, and easy access to your outdoor living space. It’s a simple way to add beauty and light while increasing your home’s value.

So don’t wait – bring the outside in with stunning new patio doors! Bask in the light and scenery. And if you found this guide helpful, please share it on social media so others can choose perfect patio doors too.

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