Top 5 Quietest SUV Tires: Experience Quiet SUV Rides Now!

Want a quiet and gentle ride in your SUV? You need the right tires! Many tires promise a peaceful ride, but it can be hard to find the ones that deliver.

Quiet tires are important because they make your ride comfortable and help you feel less tired. SUV quiet tires also make you safer because you can hear other cars better.

Certain tires endure more, contingent on the brand and usage. Usually, tires persist from 40,000 to 60,000 miles, but a few can last beyond that.

To lengthen your tire’s lifespan, you must give them proper attention. Check them often, keep them balanced and rotated, and make sure they have enough air.

You should also pay attention to how much tread your tires have. Worn-out tires can be noisier and more dangerous.

We made a list of the 5 Quietest SUV Tires. You can choose one using all the information we give you.

What is the quietest tire on the market?

The quietest tire on the market is the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack. It is designed with a special tread pattern and compound that minimizes road noise, resulting in a smoother and quieter ride.

ProductQuiet Level
Bridgestone Dueler Alenza Highway Terrain SUV TireModerate
Michelin Premier LTX All-Season Radial Car TireVery Quiet
Continental All-Season Radial TireQuiet

how to choose the Quietest tires for sUV?

Noisy Tires
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Tread pattern design

Choose calm SUV wheels. The way they’re made can change how loud they are and how much they make the car shake, which affects how nice it feels to ride and how quiet it is inside. Look for wheels that are designed to make less noise and shake less so you and your friends can have a peaceful and smooth ride.

Tread block size

Big tire blocks make loud sounds, small blocks make soft sounds. To have a calm ride, pick tires with small blocks.

Rubber compound

Rubber type matters for picking calm SUV tires. Soft rubber is best for quiet tires. Soft rubber makes less noise and feels nicer to ride on. But, soft rubber might wear out quicker and not work well in all weather. So, it’s important to think about the good and bad things and pick a rubber that makes less noise but still works well.

Tire size

Bigger tires make more noise than smaller tires when picking quiet SUV tires. But, other things like tire design and materials can also make a difference in how loud they are. So, remember that tire size is important, but not the only thing to think about when choosing quiet SUV tires.

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What is the quietest tire for an SUV

The Michelin Premier LTX is consistently rated as one of the quietest SUV tires you can buy for an SUV. Michelin uses advanced acoustic foam technology and optimized tread designs to dramatically reduce road noise compared to other all-season tires.

Independent testing has shown the Michelin Premier LTX measures 2-3 decibels quieter than leading competitors when installed on popular SUVs like the Ford Explorer and Toyota RAV4. Lower sound levels contribute to a more comfortable and luxurious driving experience.

who makes the quietest tires?

Michelin is consistently rated as the tire manufacturer that produces the quietest passenger vehicle tires. Michelin has heavily invested in advanced sound silencing technologies like Comfort Control and Acoustic Foam to optimize interior quietness.

Independent testing regularly shows Michelin tires like the Premier A/S, Defender LTX, and Pilot Sport All-Season measuring 2-3 decibels quieter than the closest competitors from brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear and Pirelli.

Michelin’s engineering leadership in noise reduction dates back to the invention of the radial tire.

Top 5 quiet tires for SUV

Pick SUV tires quietly. Quiet tires mean better drive, less tiredness, and gas use. Here are the top 5 quietest SUV tires 2023 with their features, reviews, and prices. Choose well.

1. Bridgestone Dueler Alenza Highway Terrain SUV Tire

The Bridgestone Dueler Alenza SUV Tire is a tough and stylish tire for big cars that need to go fast. It can take you on highways and through neighbourhoods without making too much noise, just like a quiet car.

This tire has special lines on it that make it grip the ground well, even in snow and rain. So you can use it all year long! Plus, it has a strong middle part that helps you steer better and makes the tire last longer.

The tire is also really good at holding onto the road when you’re driving on tricky surfaces. And it’s not loud, so you can have a peaceful ride!

This tire is really strong, too. It can hold up to a lot of weight and keep going for a long time. So if you need a tire that’s tough and lasts a while, this is a great choice!

pros and cons

Year-round useNone
Good dry performance–
Maintains traction–
Improved handling–
Ever-Black sidewall–
Reduces road noise–
Improved wet/snow performance–
Comfortable And Quiet Ride–

2. Michelin Premier LTX All-Season Radial Car Tire

The Michelin Premier LTX All-Season Radial Car Tire is a tire that many quietest crossover SUV owners choose. It can brave any weather and always stays reliable.

This tire has special grooves that get bigger as the tire wears down, which makes it good at stopping when it’s raining and stops it from sliding on the water.

The Michelin EverGrip Technologies help the tire to grip the road well and make it easier to drive safely. This tire can handle snow and cold weather too because it has special edges that help it to bite into the snow and keep going.

The Michelin Premier LTX tire is a tire you can use all year round. It’s strong and safe, and you’ll feel comfortable driving on it.

Michelin tire noise ratings

Tire ModelLoad IndexTreadwear RatingNoise Rating
Michelin Defender LTX M/S10060068
Michelin Premier LTX10060067
Michelin CrossClimate 29970070
Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 49940072
Michelin Pilot Sport 49940074

pros and cons

Excellent wet tractionSlightly expensive
Long-lasting tread lifeNot the quietest tire
Great handling in snowLimited availability
Consistent performance in all weather conditions–
Comfortable And Smooth Ride–

3. Continental All-Season Radial Tire

You might wonder, what tires are the most comfortable SUV tires? Well, let me tell you about the Continental CROSS CONTACT LX25 tire. These tires are very quiet and great for people who want good quality. They make your ride smoother and quieter with their special design.

These wheels grip well in rain or shine, helping you steer strong on rough roads. They’re not the quietest, but last long and pay off well.

pros and cons

Good tractionRoad noise
Long-lastingAverage wet grip
ComfortableLimited sizes
High load capacity–


This tire is super cool! It’s called the PIRELLI SCORPION VERDE ALL SEASON PLUS 2 Radial Tire-265/70R17 115T. It’s really strong and can grip different roads well. And guess what?

It’s also really quiet! This tire won’t be noisy on your drive, making it perfect for those who enjoy peaceful rides. This tire is tough, no matter the weather. Rain or shine, it’ll get the job done.

pros and cons

All-season performancePrice
Low noiseTread life
Improved handlingWet traction
Comfortable rideSnow traction
Eco-friendlyIce traction


Looking for a tire you can count on in any weather? The Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady VSB is a great choice! It’s made for smooth driving and doesn’t make much noise.

This tire is 245/60R18 in size and can handle up to 2,039 pounds per tire. It can go up to 130 miles per hour too!

The tire has a cool pattern on it that helps it grip the road well when it’s wet or dry. But what’s amazing is that it’s great in the snow and ice too!

That’s because of a special thing called Weather Reactive Technology. It means the tire can change to work better when the weather changes. So, it’ll always have good traction, even when the roads are slippery.

Plus, the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady VSB is made to last a long time. It comes with a warranty for up to 65,000 miles!

pros and cons

All-season capabilityHigh cost
Good wet tractionLimited snow performance
Low road noiseShort tread life
Comfortable ridePoor off-road performance
VSB For Added Safety–

are summer tires quieter than all season?

Summer tires are generally quieter than all-season tires at highway speeds and warmer temperatures.

The main reasons summer tires tend to be quieter are:

  • Softer tread compound – Summer tires use a more pliable rubber tread compound that stays supple in warm weather. This helps minimize noise from the tread blocks hitting the road.
  • Siped tread design – Many summer tires have numerous thin sipes molded into the tread blocks. These sipes allow the tread to flex and deform slightly, which dampens noise.
  • No need for winter tread features – All-season tires often have aggressive winter tread with extra siping and channels. These design features can generate more noise, especially on warm dry pavement.
  • Made for performance, not comfort – All-season tires tend to focus more on ride comfort and tread longevity, while summer tires prioritize grip and handling. This performance focus results in a quieter tread profile.

So in my experience, premium summer tires designed specifically for warm dry conditions do tend to run quieter overall than all seasons.

However, tire noise depends on many factors like construction, tread pattern, speed rating, road surface and more. An all-season grand touring tire optimized for comfort may run quieter than a noisy budget summer tire.

As always, I recommend testing tires personally to see if the noise levels are acceptable for your needs.

quietest all-season tires

  • Michelin CrossClimate 2
  • Continental TrueContact Tour
  • Bridgestone Turanza QuietComfort
  • Pirelli Cinturato AllSeason Plus
  • Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

FAQs for Quietest SUV Tires

How does tire quality affect noise level?

Tires with a higher-quality rubber compound tend to be quieter than tires with a lower-quality rubber compound. This is because the higher quality rubber is more flexible and absorbs more of the vibrations that cause noise.

Can road conditions affect tire noise?

Yes, road conditions can affect tire noise. Rough roads tend to be louder than smooth roads. This is because the rough roads cause the tires to vibrate more, which creates more noise. Wet roads can also be louder than dry roads. This is because the water between the tire and the road creates a cushion that absorbs some of the vibrations, which reduces noise.

Are all-season tires quieter than summer tires?

All-season tires are quieter than summer tires. This is because all-season tires have a softer rubber compound that absorbs more of the vibrations that cause noise.

What tire brand is quietest?


How many dB is a quiet tyre?

Tires under 70 dB are considered quiet, while tires above 74 dB are loud. The best tires measure below 68 dB.


Choosing the right tires for your SUV is super important. It can either make your ride smooth and quiet, or bumpy and noisy. If you want a nice and peaceful drive, you should go for the quietest SUV tires.

There are many tires to choose from, but these special ones are great at reducing noise and making your ride extra awesome. They can even help you save gas!

So whether you’re driving to school or on a fun trip, picking the right SUV tires is a big deal. This article should help you make a smart decision.

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