Soundscreen Windshield Vs Regular: Which One Offers Better Noise Reduction?

Want a quieter ride? Try a Soundscreen windshield. It’s a special kind of windshield that’s made to keep the noise outside the car from getting in. That way, you can enjoy a peaceful drive. What makes Soundscreen windshields different from regular ones?

They have special stuff inside that soaks up noise. But they might cost more than regular windshields.

If you want a quieter ride and don’t mind spending more, a Soundscreen windshield might be for you. But if you don’t want to spend more cash, there be other tricks to hush your car’s sound.

Let’s learn more about Soundscreen Windshield Vs Regular ones. so you can decide what’s best for you.

What is a Soundscreen Windshield?

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A Soundscreen windshield helps keep your car quiet. It’s like a super windshield that’s good at stopping noise from outside. It’s made of special glass with layers that soak up sounds and stop them from getting in.

Ford-Lincoln made the first Soundscreen windshield in 2008, and now it’s used in many different kinds of cars. Only Ford-Lincoln uses the name Soundscreen, but other car makers have similar windshields.

A Soundscreen windshield costs more than a regular one because it has special acoustic glazing.

how does Soundscreen Windshield work?

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A Windshield of Soundscreen sort is made with laminated glass, but not just any. This kind is built to keep the inside of a car free from the clamour outside. How does it do this, you ask? By making use of a special acoustic interlayer in the glass that works to absorb and lessen sound waves.

Most often, this interlayer is made with polyvinyl butyral or other materials made especially for noise reduction. When outside noises meet the windshield, the interlayer takes in and decreases those sound waves, halting them from making their way through the glass and into the car’s cabin.

On top of the acoustic interlayer, Soundscreen Windshields may come with added features for noise reduction. This could mean a thicker glass layer or extra layers of PVB to help with sound insulation. The windshield frame and sealant could also be designed to keep noise at bay.

what are the benefits of using a Soundscreen Windshield?

A Soundscreen Windshield is made to quieten noise inside a car. It does this by stopping sound waves from coming into the cabin.

Here are some benefits of using a Soundscreen Windshield:

  • Quieter Driving: By stopping outside noise from coming in, the Soundscreen Windshield makes driving more comfortable, especially when going fast or in busy areas.
  • Better Audio Quality: Because it blocks outside noise, the windshield lets the sound system play clearer and more accurate music, calls, and other sounds.
  • Safer Driving: When it’s noisy outside, drivers may turn up the sound system, but that can distract them from driving. A Soundscreen Windshield helps drivers keep the volume low and focus on the road.
  • UV Protection: Some Soundscreen Windshields come with UV protection, which helps protect people from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Looks Good: The acoustic material that makes up the Sound-screen Windshield is usually tinted, which makes the car look cool and classy.

what is a Regular Windshield?

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A regular windshield is what you usually get in a car. It’s made of two layers of glass with a tough layer called polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between. This PVB stuff keeps the glass stuck together if something hits it hard.

regular windshields don’t cost as much as fancy Soundscreen ones. They do block some noise, but not as much. Most cars have regular windshields.

how does Regular Windshield works?

A windshield is usually made of two tempered glass layers with a thin layer of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) in the middle. This helps keep the glass together if something hits it.

When sound hits the windshield, it makes the glass shake, which causes noise inside the car.

The PVB layer helps absorb some of the sounds, but regular windshields don’t do a great job of reducing noise.

The thicker the glass and PVB layer, the better they are at reducing noise, but they also make the windshield heavier, which can make the car use more gas.

what are the benefits of using a regular Windshield?

Regular windshields have many good things:

  • They cost less than fancy windshields.
  • You can find them more easily than fancy windshields.
  • People know regular windshields better and how they work.
  • Regular windshields work with more types of cars.
  • They are tough and can handle getting hit by small things.
  • If regular windshield breaks, it’s easy to get a new one put in.

Soundscreen Windshield vs Regular: A Noise Reduction Comparison

Soundscreen Windshield vs Regular: A Noise Reduction Comparison

A Soundscreen windshield is a popular choice for reducing car noise. But how does it compare to a regular windshield? Let’s see. says a regular windshield cuts noise by 2 to 3 dB. But Soundscreen windshields use acoustic vinyl to reduce sound transmission by 60% more than traditional windshields.

These windshields differ in their sound-blocking abilities. One is better for mid and high-frequency sounds, especially those between 1,500 to 5,000 hertz, like wind and engine noise.

A regular windshield reduces noise by 2 to 3 dB, but Soundscreen reduces it by over 6% at some frequencies in this range.

Remember, a Soundscreen windshield won’t silence everything. Tire noise, weather stripping, and floor insulation also affect cabin noise.

ComparisonSoundscreen WindshieldRegular Windshield
Soundproofing effectiveness10 decibels reductionNo reduction
Price20% more expensiveRegular price
Weight5% heavierRegular weight

after analyzing, we see that SoundScreen windshields are much better at stopping noise than regular ones. They have extra stuff inside that makes outside noise quieter, so driving feels nicer and comfier.

Carlex Glass, a creator of SoundScreen windshields, claims a 50% reduction in external noise. An acoustic interlayer of PVB is sandwiched between two laminated glass layers to absorb sound waves and lessen noise infiltration inside the vehicle.

Quora folk who have tried both standard and SoundScreen windshields say the latter cut out more noise. They reckon the SoundScreen shields do an especially good job with wind noise, a common bugbear of the regular ones.

In 2008, Ford Products rolled out Carlite’s SoundScreen glass, proving its chops in muffling external commotion.

How to Make Your Soundscreen Windshield Quieter: Tips and Tricks

When I’m driving, the sounds of traffic and wind can wear me down. Maybe you’ve heard of SoundScreen Windshields. They’re made to hush things up and make the ride more peaceful. But even with a Soundscreen Windshield, there are ways to make it even quieter.

Let me share some tips and tricks to help you keep peaceful driving on road.

Identifying the Source of the Noise

I know it’s crucial to spot where the racket in my car’s coming from before trying to mend it. Here are some common sources of Soundscreen Windshield clatter:

  1. Wind Turbulence: SoundsScreen Acoustic Windshields lessen wind uproar, but they’re not wholly soundproof. If the noise becomes too much while driving fast, wind turbulence may be the cause.
  2. Worn Wiper Blades: If your wiper blades produce a screeching or scraping sound, it’s an indicator that they require a swap. Tattered wiper blades may create a commotion when they glide over the windshield.
  3. Loose Trim: Dangling trim around the windshield can produce rattles or buzzing sounds. Check for any absent or loose trim and replace it if necessary.
  4. Cracks or Chips: Flaws in the windshield can result in whistling or humming sounds. If you notice any windshield damage, it’s imperative to have it fixed or replaced right away.

Once you know the root of the problem, you can take steps to resolve it. If the clamour stems from wind turbulence, you might need to change your driving speed or add extra soundproofing materials.

If worn wiper blades are causing the noise, swap them out with new ones. If it’s loose trim or windshield cracks, get it repaired or replaced by an expert.

Cleaning the Windshield

To keep wind noise down and ensure my Soundscreen Windshield works right, I gotta keep it clean. Here are some tips:

  • Use a good glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean it. Don’t use rough stuff like paper towels, it can scratch the glass.
  • Take off any loose dirt or stuff with a soft brush or vacuum. Then spray the glass cleaner on it and wipe it in circles with the cloth. Get every part, even the corners.
  • If there’s any tough dirt or grime, use a safe scrubbing pad or razor blade. Be careful with the blade, it can scratch the glass.
  • After cleaning, dry the glass with a new cloth. This stops streaks and water spots.

By following these tips, I can keep my Soundscreen Windshield clean and get a better driving experience.

Applying Soundproofing Materials

I can tell you how to make your car quiet by adding soundproofing materials to your Soundscreen Windshield. Here are a few ways:

  • Use Sound Deadening Mat: This method is popular and simple. Just apply a mat made of rubber, foam, or asphalt to the inside of the windshield to soak up sound waves.
  • Install Hood Lining Insulation Kit: Another way to reduce noise is by putting an insulation kit on the underside of the hood. I can use kits to insulate my house. these are simple to install and made of foam, fibreglass, or polyester materials.
  • Try Sound Deadening Spray: This liquid spray is made of rubber or asphalt and can be applied with a spray gun. It’s an easy way to lessen noise inside your car.

But be warned, adding soundproofing materials to your Soundscreen Windshield could void your car’s warranty. Before making any changes, check with your car dealer or manufacturer.

Replacing the Windshield

If you’re still bothered by noise after trying everything, it might be time to get a Soundscreen acoustic windshield. It’s designed to reduce noise inside your car, making your ride more peaceful.

When getting a new windshield, make sure to clean the edge well and use the “full-cut” method to remove old urethane.

Check for the SoundScreen logo on the glass to see if you already have an acoustic windshield. If not, ask a local auto glass repair shop if they have one for your car.

Keep in mind that replacing your windshield can be expensive. Check if your insurance covers it. If not, you gotta foot the bill or go for a cheaper pick.

Make sure the replacement is done by someone who knows how to handle SoundScreen or acoustic windshields, so you don’t damage the vinyl membrane.

FAQs for Soundscreen Windshield Vs Regular

how much difference does an acoustic windshield make?

An acoustic windshield can help reduce noise inside your car. Experts say it can cut 2-3 decibels of sound, enough to make a difference. It works best for mid and high-pitched sounds like wind and engine noise, between 1,500 to 5,000 hertz. So, if you want a peaceful and comfy drive, get an acoustic windshield.

which type of glass windshield is best?

Dealer glass comes from the dealer authorized by the maker. It’s costly, but it’s the same as original.
Aftermarket glass is made by other companies and is less costly than dealer glass. But it can be lower in quality and not fit as well as OEM glass.
OEM glass is produced by the maker of the original glass. It’s the best quality and fits perfectly. But it can be pricier than aftermarket glass.


I like a peaceful ride when I’m driving, so I considered getting a Soundscreen windshield. This windshield is good at keeping outside noise down, which is great if you want quieter and more comfortable driving experience. A lot of people like Soundscreen windshields for this reason.

But they are more expensive than regular windshields, and adding soundproofing materials or getting a new windshield altogether can also be costly. I must consider my desires and financial limits before I act.

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