7 Best Silent Blenders you need to try now!

Looking to upgrade your morning routine with a quiet blender that won’t wake the neighbors? Finding the best silent blender can be tricky with so many blenders on the market these days. But who wants to start their day with a deafening roar from the kitchen? Not me!

That’s why I’ve rounded up the top 7 silent blenders that will let you blend up your morning smoothie in peace. From powerful commercial-grade blenders with sound enclosures to variable-speed personal blenders perfect for small spaces, these quietest blenders I’ve reviewed will blend, crush, and puree without disrupting your calm morning vibe.

In this article, you’ll discover the most silent blenders in every category, along with key specs like horsepower, speed settings, jar size, and noise levels.

I’ve also included top picks like the Blendtec Professional 800 with its game-changing removable Quiet Shield and the Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet blender with a 7-year warranty.

So if you’re looking for a powerful, quiet blender that can handle ice, fruit, veggies, and more, read on for my picks of the best silent blenders for every need and budget. With the right blender, you can start your day smoothie-sipping in peace!

our top picks

BlenderQuiet Level (dB)
Blendtec Stealth 88568 dB
Vitamix Quiet One72 dB
Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender75 dB
Ninja Professional Blender Duo80 dB
Breville Blend Active Personal Blender70 dB
Cleanblend Commercial Quiet Blender65 dB
Black+Decker PowerCrush Blender85 dB

Finding the Quietest Blender for Your Morning Smoothie

Making a smoothie in the morning can be a great way to start your day. But if you’re blending early while others are still sleeping, the noise from your blender can be disruptive.

Luckily, there are some excellent quiet blenders on the market designed to run at lower decibel levels. In this article, we’ll compare some of the top picks for the quietest blenders available.

When looking for a silent blender suitable for your needs, there are a few key features to consider:

  • Powerful motor – You want something strong enough to crush ice and frozen ingredients. But more power doesn’t have to mean more noise.
  • Sound enclosure – Look for blenders designed with noise reduction in mind, like sound enclosures around the base.
  • Variable speed – Multiple speed settings allow you to blend at the minimum level needed.
  • Quality build – Sturdy commercial-grade blenders with steel bases can dampen vibration and sound.
  • Warranty – Choose a blender with a long warranty to ensure years of quiet blending.

We’ve highlighted some top contenders for the quietest blender below based on noise levels, quality of construction, and ease of use and cleaning.

Whether your priority is an ultra-quiet blender for early mornings or powerful and versatile for day-long use, there’s a silent blender here to suit your needs.

The 7 Best and Quietest Blenders for Peaceful Mornings

top 7 Best Silent Blenders - a comprehensive review

Searching for the quietest blender that can whip up your morning smoothies without disturbing the whole house? With some blenders louder than a rock concert, having one with low noise levels can make a huge difference.

We reviewed dozens of blenders on the market and narrowed them down to the top 7 quiet options. Whether you need a personal-sized blender for single servings or a heavy-duty blender that can handle ice and frozen ingredients without waking the neighbors, these quiet blenders have you covered.

Blendtec Stealth 885 – The Ultra Quiet Commercial Blender

If you’re looking for the absolute quietest blender available, the Blendtec Stealth 885 takes the top spot. This commercial-grade blender was specifically designed to run incredibly quietly while still delivering professional-level blending.

Image of a group of blenders sitting on top of a counter next to each other. The blenders are black, white, and silver. The text "Blendtec" is visible on some of the blenders.
image source: amazon.com

With a 3-peak horsepower motor encased in a complete sound enclosure, the Stealth 885 measures only 84 decibels – comparable to the noise level of a typical conversation. 11 different speed settings plus pulse mode allow you to precisely dial in the right speed and power.

Despite its quiet operation, the Stealth 885 boasts an incredibly powerful motor that can easily crush ice, frozen fruit, tough greens, and hard nuts. The WildSide+ jar creates a vortex that continuously pulls ingredients into the titanium-reinforced blades for smooth results every time.

While it falls on the pricier side, the Blendtec Stealth 885 is the absolute top pick for a powerful blender that you can run first thing in the morning without disturbing the whole house. The Stealth series also comes with a 10-year comprehensive warranty for outstanding durability and longevity.

Key Features:

  • 84 dB noise level
  • 3-peak HP motor with sound enclosure
  • 11-speed settings and pulse
  • Complete stainless steel body
  • Large BPA-free WildSide+ jar
  • 10-year comprehensive warranty

Vitamix Quiet One – Commercial-Grade Quiet Performance

Another excellent commercial-grade option, the Vitamix Quiet One measures just 84 decibelsmaking it one of the quietest blenders on the market. It contains sound-reducing technology like a specially designed sound enclosure, vibration-dampening mounts, and acoustic noise reduction.

Image of a Vitamix Quiet One blender on a table. The blender is black with a clear lid and a measuring cup. The text "00 O Vitemex" is visible on the blender.
image source: amazon.com

Despite its quiet operation, this Vitamix blender delivers professional results thanks to the aircraft-grade stainless steel blades that spin at up to 240 mph. The 2 peak horsepower motor has no problem handling tough ingredients. With variable speed control and pulse mode, you can fine-tune the texture.

The Quiet One comes with a 6-year warranty and has self-cleaning capabilities – just drop in a bit of soap and warm water and run on high. While the jar is not quite as large as some Vitamix models, it’s a great compact choice for quiet blending power.

Key Features:

  • 84 dB noise rating
  • 2-peak HP motor with sound enclosure
  • Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades
  • 10 variable speeds + pulse
  • Self-cleaning
  • Low-profile 64oz jar
  • 6 year warranty

Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

Offering commercial-grade power at a lower price point, the Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender keeps noise levels down while giving you versatile blending capabilities.

Image of a Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender sitting next to a pile of fruit. The blender is silver with a black base. The text "Powerful 1500 Watt Peak-Power motor crushes ice and frozen ingredients in seconds" is visible on the blender.
image source: amazon.com

It provides a generous 1500 watts of power with 4 peak horsepower. The strong motor along with the hardened stainless steel blades easily crush through ice, frozen fruit, seeds, tough greens, and nuts with precision.

The removable plastic shield around the base helps dampen noise for quieter blending operation. While not as silent as some models, the noise rating of 88 decibels is still impressively quiet for this level of performance. With a variable 10-speed dial, a pulse function, and an auto-clean setting, this Hamilton Beach blender offers great control and convenience.

For the price, the Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield offers incredible versatility, power, and noise reduction all in one. It provides a great value option for strong quiet blending. The plastic components may be less durable than pricier metal and stainless steel models. But it comes with a generous 5-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • 1500W motor with 4 peak HP
  • Removable sound enclosure shield
  • Variable 10-speed dial
  • Auto-clean function
  • 88 dB noise rating
  • 5 year limited warranty

Ninja Professional Blender Duo

The Ninja Professional Blender Duo offers impressive blending power and performance for the price. With 1500 watts and a 3-horsepower motor, it delivers plenty of crushing and blending power with 3 speeds plus pulse.

Ninja Professional Plus Blender Duo with Auto-iQ BN751.
image source: amazon.com

The total crushing blades easily pulverize ice, frozen fruit, seeds, and tough veggies for smoothies, juices, nut butter, and more. While not as quiet as some competitors, its 90-degree noise rating means you can still run it in the morning without too much noise disruption.

This Ninja blender comes with two BPA-free pitchers – a 72oz total crushing pitcher ideal for family-sized batches and single-serve cups, and a 16oz cup for individual smoothies you can take on the go. The blender provides great versatility at an affordable price point.

Key Features:

  • 1500W motor with 3 HP
  • Total crushing blades
  • 72oz and 16oz jars included
  • 90dB noise rating
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • 1-year limited warranty

Breville Blend Active Personal Blender

For a compact and portable blender optimized for individual servings, the Breville Blend Active is a great choice. The sleek design and small footprint take up minimal counter space.

Despite its petite size, it packs impressive power thanks to the 600-watt motor. The surgical-grade steel blade efficiently crushes and blends ingredients in the included BPA-free 17oz jar.

Operation is nearly one touch thanks to pre-programmed auto blend settings. With a noise rating of 90 decibels, this little blender allows you to whip up single-serving smoothies and juices without major noise.

The Bluetooth connectivity even allows you to personalize and save your own blending programs. Overall if you just need a personal blender for fast morning beverages on the go, the Breville Blend Active is a quiet and convenient choice.

Key Features:

  • 600W motor
  • Pre-programmed auto-blend cycles
  • 17oz BPA-free portable jar
  • 90 dB noise rating
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 1-year limited warranty

Cleanblend Commercial Quiet Blender

Providing commercial-grade power and performance, the Cleanblend Commercial Quiet Blender is designed for quiet operation. The heavy-duty 1800-watt motor delivers enough power to easily pulverize ice, frozen fruit, nuts, and tough veggies.

Image of a blender with a pitcher jar filled with fruits and vegetables. The blender is white with a black base. The text "EXCEEDINGLY GOOD WITH 2200W POWERFUL MOTOR" is visible on the blender.
image source: amazon.com

It operates at around 91 decibels, making it one of the quieter commercial blenders available. The pulse function and variable speed control with 8 different speed settings allow you to customize the texture of your smoothies and blends.

The 64oz BPA-free pitcher features a tamper to help process thick mixtures like nut butter. And the stainless steel blades are super durable. Backed by a generous 5-year warranty, this is a great reasonably priced choice for powerful quiet blending.

Key Features:

  • 1800W motor
  • 8 variable speeds
  • 91dB noise rating
  • 64oz BPA-free pitcher
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 5 year warranty

Black+Decker PowerCrush Blender

If you want a basic countertop blender that can blend up smoothies and shakes quietly, the Black+Decker PowerCrush gets the job done.

Image of a black and silver blender sitting on a table next to two glasses of strawberry smoothies. The blender has a clear lid and a black base. The text "BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush Multi-Function Blender" is visible on the blender.
image source: amazon.com

The 500-watt motor provides enough power for most blending tasks. While not as powerful as some machines, the 92-decibel rating makes this one of the quieter budget blender options.

The operation is simple with low, high, and pulse settings. The large 48oz BPA-free jar is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

While you wouldn’t want to rely on this inexpensive blender for heavy-duty ice crushing or food prep, its quiet operation, no-frills design, and low price make it a great starter blender. The 2 year limited warranty provides decent coverage for a budget model.

Key Features:

  • 500W motor
  • Low, high, pulse settings
  • 92dB noise rating
  • Large 48oz dishwasher-safe jar
  • 2 year limited warranty

Get Blending Quietly!

Finding a good blender that won’t wake up the whole household can be a challenge. But whether you opt for an ultra-quiet commercial blender or an affordable countertop model, there are thankfully lots of options designed for quiet operation.

Focus on the noise rating, motor power, useful features like variable speed, and high-quality construction. With the right quiet blender on your countertop, you can blend up morning smoothies, protein shakes, nut milk, and frozen drinks any time of day in peace.

So read through our reviews, decide on the ideal blender to suit your budget and needs, and get blending quietly! Let us know if you have any favourite quiet blender models we should check out.

how to make a blender quiet?

Move your blender to a different location

If your blender is on a hard surface like a countertop, it can make the noise louder. Try putting it on a towel or a silicone mat to absorb some of the sound.

Add a sound-absorbing pad

You can buy a special pad that goes under your blender to absorb some of the noise. This can make a big difference in how loud your blender is.

Cut ingredients into smaller pieces

Cutting your ingredients into smaller pieces can help the blender process them more quickly and reduce the noise level.

Blend softer foods

Hard foods like ice can make your blender louder. Try blending softer foods like bananas or yogurt instead.

Use the lowest setting

If your blender has multiple speed settings, try using the lowest setting to make it quieter.

Buy a silent blender

If you can’t reduce the noise of your blender, you can purchase a new one that is made to be very quiet. These blenders use special technology to reduce the noise they make compared to regular blenders.

FAQs: Best Silent Blenders

What is a silent blender?

A silent blender is a blender that operates quietly, making less noise than traditional blenders.

Why would I want a silent blender?

A silent blender is great for people who want to make smoothies or other blended drinks in the morning without waking up roommates or family members.

Can a silent blender still blend tough ingredients like ice or frozen fruit?

Yes, many silent blenders are still powerful enough to blend tough ingredients like ice or frozen fruit.

Are silent blenders more expensive than regular blenders?

It depends on the brand and model, but some silent blenders can be more expensive than regular blenders.

Are silent blenders harder to clean?

Not necessarily. Most silent blenders have removable parts that are easy to clean, just like regular blenders.


a silent blender is an excellent investment for those who want to enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast without disturbing the peace of the early morning.

We have presented the top 7 best silent blenders that can help you whip up delicious smoothies, shakes, and other breakfast items while keeping the noise levels to a minimum.

No matter if you have a limited budget or want a fancy blender with lots of features, you can find a silent blender that suits your requirements.

Remember to consider factors like noise level, power, size, price, and features when choosing the perfect silent blender for your morning routine.

Starting your day with a nutritious and tasty breakfast is easy with the help of a good blender!

A blender is a useful tool that can help you create yummy smoothies and other nutritious breakfast choices.

Eating these foods can provide you with the energy you require to kick start your day with strength and achieve all the objectives you have planned.

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