Silent blending is here: 7 Best Silent Blenders you need to try now!

Are you tired of waking up your entire household with the deafening noise of your morning blender?

Fear not, because we’ve done the research and found the top 7 best silent blenders for good morning smoothies.

We were surprised to discover the variety of features these best quiet blenders offer, including models that can even warm your food as you blend.

Even though these blenders aren’t completely quiet, they won’t be as loud as a big earthquake.

You can sit and read about our favourite blenders for making smoothies in the morning.

If you are facing confusion while deciding which one to choose, we made a special guide to help you to pick best one easily.

Get ready for quiet blending and peaceful mornings with our top 7 best silent blenders for a good morning.

our top picks

Product NameUnique Features
Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender 48 oz.1. Noise reduction technology
2. 6 program buttons for blending consistency
3. Magnetized sound enclosure for quiet operation
NutriBullet Pro 13 Pcs Onyx Black, 900W1. Compact size for easy storage
2. Powerful motor for efficient blending
3. Comes with multiple cups and lids for convenience
Ninja Pro Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt1. Large capacity for blending big batches
2. Powerful motor for fast and efficient blending
3. Comes with multiple blades for versatile use
Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender1. Sound shield for quiet operation
2. Powerful motor for fast and efficient blending
3. Comes with a tamper for thick mixtures
Ninja Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender1. Compact size for easy storage
2. Comes with multiple cups and lids for convenience
3. Powerful motor for efficient blending
Wantjoin Pro Blender Commercial Soundproof Quiet Blender1. Soundproof enclosure for quiet operation
2. Multiple speed settings for versatile use
3. Comes with tamper for thick mixtures
BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush Digital Blender1. QuietCrush technology for noise reduction
2. Multiple speed settings for versatile use
3. Personal jar included for on-the-go blending

factors to consider when selecting a best silent blender

Noise level

If you want a blender that doesn’t make lot of noise, then this type of blender is more expensive than regular blender.

But, the most important thing to consider is how quiet the blender will be. Even though no blender is completely silent, some are quieter than others. Our top choices for the quietest blenders are the Blendtec Pro 800 and the Vita-Mix Quiet One.

They’re really good at keeping the noise down. However, the Jamba 58915 wasn’t as quiet as we had hoped. It was more muffled than quiet.


Blenders with more power can blend ingredients faster and more efficiently, but they can also be noisier.

If you want a powerful blender, look for one with a good balance of power and noise-reduction features.


Consider how much space you have in your kitchen for a blender. Some silent blenders can be quite large, while others are more compact. Make sure to choose one that fits your needs and your kitchen space.


If you have a lot of money to spend, the Vita-Mix Quiet One is a really good blender that has everything you could want.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, there’s a blender called Hamilton Beach 58870 that’s really great. So, it’s a really good deal!


Some silent blenders come with extra features, like pre-programmed settings or different blade options. Think about what features are important to you and choose a blender that has those features.

easy to clean

Sometimes people forget that cleaning blenders can be hard work. They have lots of little parts that can get dirty and are tough to clean. You don’t want your smoothie to taste funny, so choose a blender that’s easy to clean.

That way, you can take it apart and wash it well so there are no leftover flavours from your last blend.

top 7 Best quietest blender – a comprehensive review

top 7 Best Silent Blenders - a comprehensive review

1. Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender 48 oz – performance

The Vitamix 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender is a special blender that comes in black color.

The blender has a 48-fluid-ounce capacity which is perfect for creating a variety of drinks such as smoothies, frappes, frozen drinks and more.

This blender is called “The Quiet One” because it makes less noise than other blenders.

It has special technology that helps to reduce vibrations and sound, and it even has a plastic cover that makes cleaning easier. The Quiet One Blender is also very versatile.

It has 6 program buttons, 34 optimized programs, and 93 variable speeds, so you can make a wide range of drinks and food.

You can make smoothies, spreads, sauces, and even nut butter!

This blender is easy to use, too.

It works well in places like restaurants, cafes, bars, concession stands, and smoothie shops. The 48 oz. container has precise measurements marked on it, which makes measuring ingredients easy.

And, the container has a pitcher-like design that makes pouring simple.

the Vitamix 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender is a great choice if you’re looking for a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use blender that’s also quiet.


  • less noisy
  • versatile
  • easy to use
  • programmable

pros and cons

Less NoiseExpensive
VersatileLarge size
ProgrammableRequires a power outlet
Easy to UseMay require maintenance

2. NutriBullet Pro 13 Pcs Onyx Black, 900W – best budget

Introducing the NutriBullet NB9-1301K Pro in Onyx Black, with 13 pieces to help you blend like a pro!

This powerful blender has a high-torque power base with a 900-watt motor, allowing you to turn anything from strawberries to spinach into smooth, sippable nutrition.

Its simple and intuitive design makes it easy to use every day, just push, twist and blend!

With the NutriBullet, you can make most smoothies in under 60 seconds, allowing you to fit healthful nutrition into your busy day.

Cleaning is also a breeze, simply twist off the blades and rinse with soap and water or put the cups on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Get the most out of every ingredient with the NutriBullet PRO!


  1. High-torque power base
  2. Supercharged Nutrient Extractor
  3. 900-watt motor
  4. Essential design
  5. Easy to clean

pros and cons

High-torque 900W motorNoisy
Compact sizeLimited capacity (32 oz)
Easy to use and cleanNoisy
Quick blending timeOnly comes in one colour
Dishwasher safeCan be expensive compared to other blenders
Supercharged Nutrient Extractor

3. Ninja Pro Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt – best budget

Introducing the Ninja BL610 Professional Blender!

This powerful blender has 1000 watts of power, which means it can easily crush ice and blend tough ingredients.

With a large 72-ounce pitcher, you can make enough smoothies or frozen drinks for the whole family.

The pitcher is even dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

The Total Crushing Technology pulverizes and crushes through the ice, whole fruits, and vegetables in just seconds.

Plus, the included recipe guide will give you inspiration for new and delicious drinks and dishes.

With this Ninja blender, you can easily make resort-style frozen drinks in no time.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your Ninja BL610 Professional Blender today and start making delicious and healthy drinks and dishes for you and your family!


  1. Power
  2. XL Capacity
  3. Total Crushing Technology
  4. Ice Crushing
  5. Recipe Guide
  6. Easy Cleanup
  7. Motor Base and Pitcher Included

pros and cons

Professional powerMay be too powerful for some users
XL capacityLarge sizes may be difficult to store
Total Crushing TechnologyCan be loud when in use
Ice crushing capabilityThe pitcher may be heavy when full
Recipe guide includedNot ideal for small quantities
Dishwasher safeMay not fit under low cabinets
BPA-free pitcherNo additional blending cups included
Comes with 1000 Watt Motor Base

4. Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

The Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender is a powerful and quiet blender that can blend your favourite fruits and veggies into delicious smoothies, purees, and more!

With a 2.0 peak horsepower motor and stainless steel blades that rotate at speeds over 105 mph, this blender can easily crush ice and other tough ingredients in just seconds.

The blender also has a variable speed dial and pre-programmed settings for smoothies, ice crush, puree, and clean, making it easy to achieve restaurant-quality results every time.

One of the best features of this blender is the quiet shield, which helps reduce noise during blending and can be used as a serving pitcher.

The blender also comes with a tamper to help blend thick or frozen mixtures and the 32 oz. the jar is shatterproof and BPA-free.

Plus, the blender is easy to clean – simply use the pre-programmed clean setting or wash the jar, lid, and tamper in the dishwasher.

With a 5-year limited warranty, the Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender is built to last and provide you with delicious and nutritious blends for years to come.


  1. Quieter blending
  2. Powerful performance
  3. Ultimate control
  4. Pre-programmed for easy blending
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Large capacity
  7. Long-lasting warranty

pros and cons

Quieter BlendingLarge size may take up counter space
Powerful PerformanceExpensive compared to other blenders
Ultimate ControlOnly one color option
Pre-Programmed for Easy BlendingHeavy to move around
Easy to CleanManual, may not be as convenient for some users
5-Year Limited Warranty

5. Ninja Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender

Introducing the Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Smoothie & Food Processing Blender!

This blender is super powerful with an 1100-watt motor that can crush ice and blend tough ingredients for creamy smoothies, sauces, and frozen drinks in seconds.

With three manual speeds, pulse function, and a single-serve option, you can make drinks and sauces in a variety of ways. The 72-oz.

Total Crushing Pitcher is great for making smoothies for the whole family, and the two included 16-oz.

To-Go cups with spout lids allow you to enjoy your creations on the go.

You can also use this blender for food processing, mincing, grinding, and chopping fresh ingredients evenly.

It’s easy to clean with all parts being BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

Plus, the included 28-recipe guide gives you inspiration for creating delicious smoothies, frozen drinks, sauces, and more.

Included in the box is the powerful 1100-Watt Motor Base, 72 oz.

To-Go Cups, (2) Spout Lids, Pro Extractor Blades Assembly, and the 28-Recipe Inspiration Guide.

With the Ninja BL660, you’ll have everything you need to create delicious drinks and meals in no time!


  1. Power
  2. Versatility
  3. XL Capacity
  4. Food Processing
  5. On-The-Go Convenience
  6. Easy-to-Clean
  7. Recipe Inspiration

pros and cons

Ultimate PowerMight be too loud for some users
Versatile FunctionsTakes up more counter space
XL CapacityLarge pitcher may be difficult to store in some kitchens
Food ProcessingBlades may dull over time with frequent use
On-the-go ConvenienceSingle-serve cups may not be large enough for some users
Easy to CleanNone
Recipe InspirationNone

6. Wantjoin Pro Blender Commercial Soundproof Quiet blender

Introducing the WantJoin Professional Blender, the perfect addition to your kitchen!

This blender comes in a sleek black colour and is made of strong stainless steel.

With a powerful 300-watt motor and a removable soundproof shield, you can blend quietly at home or in a shop.

The shield is easy to take apart, making it easy to clean and use.

Not only is this blender quiet, but it’s also versatile.

You can use it to make ice cream, milkshakes, smoothies, and even crush ice.

The unique design includes a red body, a PC square big cup that’s unbreakable, and a thick sound insulation cover.

The stainless steel mirror panel adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

The WantJoin Professional Blender has a DIY speed control panel that allows you to switch between min and max speeds.

This makes it possible to create 100 different dishes, from soups to fish.

Cleaning this blender is a breeze.

With just a little soap and water, you can use the instant strengthening key to clean it thoroughly every time.

Upgrade your blending experience with the WantJoin Professional Blender today!


  1. Soundproof
  2. Multifunctional
  3. Unique Design
  4. Automatic Juicer
  5. Powerful
  6. Easy to Clean
  7. Durable

pros and cons

Soundproof designPricey
MultifunctionalLarge size
Unique design with red fuselageHeavy
DIY speed controlOnly 300 watts
Easy to clean with instant cleaning

7. BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush Digital Blender

The BLACK+DECKER PowerCrush Digital Blender with Quiet Technology is really convenient and doesn’t make a lot of noise.

It has a special blade that makes blending all kinds of ingredients really easy, and it’s powerful enough to blend ice and frozen fruits.

You can choose from 3 different speed settings for different types of blends like soups or purees. The blender also comes with an 18oz.

personal jar made of strong plastic that you can take with you on the go.

You can clean it easily because you can put the parts in the dishwasher.

The blender has a special lid that you can pour from and a place to add more ingredients while you blend. It’s a great blender that’s easy to use and clean!


  1. QuietCrush Technology
  2. QuadPro Blade Technology
  3. Multiple Speeds + Pulse
  4. Personal Jar Included
  5. Lid with Pour Spout
  6. Ingredient Slot
  7. Dishwasher-Safe Parts

pros and cons

QuietCrush TechnologyMay not blend hot liquids
Multiple speed settings48 oz capacity may not be enough for some
QuadPro Blade TechnologyMay be too heavy for some users
Dishwasher-safe removable partsLid may be difficult to clean
18oz personal jar includedMotor may not be as powerful as other models

how to make a blender quiet?

Move your blender to a different location

If your blender is on a hard surface like a countertop, it can make the noise louder. Try putting it on a towel or a silicone mat to absorb some of the sound.

Add a sound-absorbing pad

You can buy a special pad that goes under your blender to absorb some of the noise. This can make a big difference in how loud your blender is.

Cut ingredients into smaller pieces

Cutting your ingredients into smaller pieces can help the blender process them more quickly and reduce the noise level.

Blend softer foods

Hard foods like ice can make your blender louder. Try blending softer foods like bananas or yogurt instead.

Use the lowest setting

If your blender has multiple speed settings, try using the lowest setting to make it quieter.

Buy a silent blender

If you can’t reduce the noise of your blender, you can purchase a new one that is made to be very quiet. These blenders use special technology to reduce the noise they make compared to regular blenders.

FAQs: Best Silent Blenders

What is a silent blender?

A silent blender is a blender that operates quietly, making less noise than traditional blenders.

Why would I want a silent blender?

A silent blender is great for people who want to make smoothies or other blended drinks in the morning without waking up roommates or family members.

Can a silent blender still blend tough ingredients like ice or frozen fruit?

Yes, many silent blenders are still powerful enough to blend tough ingredients like ice or frozen fruit.

Are silent blenders more expensive than regular blenders?

It depends on the brand and model, but some silent blenders can be more expensive than regular blenders.

Are silent blenders harder to clean?

Not necessarily. Most silent blenders have removable parts that are easy to clean, just like regular blenders.


a silent blender is an excellent investment for those who want to enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast without disturbing the peace of the early morning.

We have presented the top 7 best silent blenders that can help you whip up delicious smoothies, shakes, and other breakfast items while keeping the noise levels to a minimum.

No matter if you have a limited budget or want a fancy blender with lots of features, you can find a silent blender that suits your requirements.

Remember to consider factors like noise level, power, size, price, and features when choosing the perfect silent blender for your morning routine.

Starting your day with a nutritious and tasty breakfast is easy with the help of a good blender!

A blender is a useful tool that can help you create yummy smoothies and other nutritious breakfast choices.

Eating these foods can provide you with the energy you require to kick start your day with strength and achieve all the objectives you have planned.

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